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First time home buyer checklist: 12 tips for a successful move

With the recent launch of the CA Dream for All program, we’ve been speaking to dozens of first time home buyers about their journey into their new homes. Moving into your first home can feel exciting, but also overwhelming. If you’re in the process of preparing to purchase your first home, or if you’re already […]

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Items Meathead Movers cannot move

When moving day arrives after weeks or months of preparation, there tends to be a wide variety of emotions that are felt. These feelings can be both positive and negative. There may be feelings of positivity and happiness because a new move usually translates into new beginnings. On the other hand, these feelings may fall […]

How to safely pack Christmas decorations

We’re sure that most of you can agree on this, but it seems as though each passing year has been going by faster and faster at an exponential rate. Especially in the case of Christmas, where it just felt like last year’s holiday season felt like only a few months ago. The holidays and Christmas […]

Group of Meathead Movers loading a piece of furniture on to a moving truck

Moving out of state? 30 things to keep in mind

Moving out of state is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. You’re not just moving to another city where you may have been a few times and know the layout already, or somewhere within close enough proximity to people, you see regularly. There will be a complete shift in […]

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5 important questions to consider when moving during COVID-19

Q&A with Aaron Steed Moving is stressful in general, and now many people are facing a global pandemic on top of that. We sat down with Aaron Steed to ask some questions about moving during COVID-19 in hopes of eliminating misinformation and encouraging the safest moves possible. Q: What should I ask my moving company […]

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Can I move during COVID-19?

In mid-March, it felt like our entire country stopped. Non-essential businesses closed their doors and everyone hunkered down to weather this pandemic together. There are, however, many things that kept moving forward – perhaps your escrow closing or your lease expiring. That’s where we come in. Moving is essential and we have made drastic changes […]

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New Year’s resolutions of a Meathead Mover

As we enter a new decade, Team Meathead set some big New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. We are starting the new year with the highest starting wages in company history and the strongest team of employees that we’ve ever had. In order to maintain our standards and provide an exceptional experience for our customers, we […]

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Advice for moving during the holidays

As if the holiday season wasn’t busy enough, adding a move day to the schedule can make things particularly stressful. Don’t worry – we have you covered with our best advice on surviving the holidays and your big move. Plan your holiday calendar Even with a move, it doesn’t mean you should cancel the holidays […]

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Tips for setting up the perfect event

While our claim-to-fame is definitely moving and packing, we offer many more services beyond that. One important service that our athletes have mastered is the art of setting up an event. We would never say that we are professional event planners, but we sure do have the muscle to execute event planners’ visions. We are […]

Moving with Pets

How to make moving with pets a paw-fect experience

Every single day, our Meathead Movers Call Center hears stories about the adorable pups and cats (and some other interesting animals!) that will need to be accounted for during a big move. Our decades of experience have allowed us to master the art of making the move seamless for not only our customers, but our […]