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Commercial Moving Services for Your Business from Meathead Movers
Commercial Moving Services for Your Business from Meathead Movers

Commercial Moving with Meathead Movers

In addition to moving homes both local and long distance, Meathead Movers is very experienced in commercial moving. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Meathead Movers promises efficient moving services with minimal downtime. Only Meathead Movers jog when not carrying your items, speeding up the process and keeping costs down. Additionally, Meathead Movers creates a personalized game plan in advance, streamlining the move so your business can get back to work in no time.

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Top Reasons Why Businesses Use Our Commercial Moving Services

  • We save you time and money by jogging when not carrying your items.
  • We’re quick and efficient, delivering 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We’re insured, covered by Workman’s Compensation and liability insurance.

Get started on your commercial move with Meathead Movers today!

Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

19,783 total customer reviews

Local Commercial Move in Santa Maria

January 15, 2020

Awesome service all around. Great follow up with several reminders. Your employees did an outstanding job!

Local Commercial Move from Bakersfield to Taft

January 13, 2020

The movers were really quick. I was not expecting that. I'm a very satisfied customer.

No Transport Commercial Move in San Luis Obispo

January 13, 2020

Everyone is professional, efficient and friendly.

Local Commercial Move from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay

January 13, 2020

Always on time, pleasant and checks things out before moving items

Local Commercial Move from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay

January 12, 2020

Very professional and excellent service. Your excellent reputation is very well deserved!

Local Commercial Move from Malibu to Topanga

January 09, 2020

No Transport Commercial Move in Bakersfield

January 09, 2020

No Transport Commercial Move in Santa Barbara

January 07, 2020

I have to say I’ve never worked with a more professional company. The crew your company sent me were amazing polite and super hard works Angle was so helpful I would for sure call you guys again thank you for such a great job

Local Commercial Move from Santa Monica to Los Angeles

January 06, 2020

Moving team was very professional and did a great job.

No Transport Commercial Move in San Clemente

January 06, 2020

Recommendation: Do not have the "movers" themselves provide a satisfaction survey at the end of the service. It's very hard to be honest with the movers receiving the survey right after you fill it out. They apologized profusely for being late but, I understand it was a misunderstanding between operations and the movers. The movers had absolutely no strategic planning while they moved the office furniture. They put a desk together "against" the wall and I had to tell them 4 times to leave enough space between the desk and the wall so the person could get behind the desk. They did not listen to the multiple times I said what offices the furniture was going into. As such, the filled up an office even before moving the other pieces out. It was like watching little kids trying to put square pegs into a round hole. They moved various pieces of furniture then went to leave without even putting them back where they belonged. Very sloppy work!!! They need way more strategic planning training.

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