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With plenty of moving services, Meathead Movers is fully prepared to make your move to and from the Bay Area a breeze. Our clean-cut student-athlete movers are dedicated to fulfilling all your moving needs efficiently.

There are many things to do and see in the cities found in the Bay Area. After your move, explore a little!

From bustling Silicon Valley to iconic San Francisco, the Bay Area has plenty to offer. Whether you want to live in the heart of busy cities like San Jose and San Francisco, or would rather prefer small town life in the East and North Bay, we can help you move into your dream home!

With over 15 years of moving experiences, Meathead Movers is the California moving company to trust. When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured knowing that your move will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.

No matter what you are interested in the Bay Area has something for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for great career prospects, the Silicon Valley is home to plenty of up and coming tech companies. If you want to never be bored, life in big cities like San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland might be perfect for you. However, if you prefer a more relaxed life, life in Napa County might be calling. Whatever your passions are, there is something in the Bay Area that will be sure to spark your interest!

Let us move you into your dream home! With Meathead Movers, we will take care of the heavy lifting for you. Our moving company specializes in long-distance, and even commercial moves. We also provide reliable packing, storage, on-site relocations, and our distinctive moving concierge service. We know moving is stressful, but it’s our job to ease your transition.

We strive to provide our customers with superior services that our competitors just can’t match. In fact, our clean-cut student athlete movers will even jog when not carrying your possessions, to help save you valuable time.

We have been revolutionizing the moving industry since 1997. When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured knowing that your move will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.

If you are ready to move to the Bay Area, Meathead Movers is the company for you! Contact us for a free no-obligation moving quote. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving!

Meathead Movers received an A+ rating from the BBB.
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Honest Moving Company reviews on Bay Area Meathead Movers

322 total customer reviews

Long Distance Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Livermore

May 04, 2021

No Transport Residential Move in Livermore

April 27, 2021

I believe we dealt with the Fresno branch for our unpacking, which was completed by 3 workers very fast and efficiently, and I would rate their effort and the representative I dealt with on the telephone who scheduled them a 10. San Luis Obispo branch was a bit disappointing, lack of follow thru by the sales rep I was dealing with caused us to have to wait 3 additional days for our property to be delivered and then I was told the unpacking services we had requested after unload for the day of Apr. 22nd, could not be performed on the Apr. 25th. Nothing he could do about it, no one available, so I was surprised when the Fresno representative who contacted me to again tell me the bad news that no unpacking could be done due to what she was told was a 'change in service', then looked into my issues, and was able to find available people to perform unpacking services. Also, overall, the SLO crew that packed and unpacked our household did a fairly good job. Per our real estate agent in SLO, who toured the house when they were done, found many items in several rooms that were missed and not packed, including the entire master bathroom, where all of my clothes were also located. Also, she reported the front porch area had empty soda cans left as garbage. It took me several calls to my sales rep and no call back from him regarding going and retrieving the items that were missed, as we had new tenants moving in the next day. Someone else eventually returned my call. Again, not great turnaround time on my requests and often, no response at all. I had often heard very good reviews about your services, but I would not use again

Long Distance Residential Move from Atascadero to Santa Cruz

April 27, 2021

Long Distance Residential Move from Fresno to San Francisco

April 25, 2021

I like the customer support when I called. The reminders as the move approached along with offering to pack my items. When the movers arrived they were great. They were quick and offered more help. When the dropped off at my new home they were patient. My experience with my apartment complex was going bad but when the movers came they reduced my stress so much. They even moved things around when I asked. Everyone at meatheads were the best parts of my move. I will and have suggest them to everyone!!!

Long Distance Residential Move from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz

April 23, 2021

Long Distance Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Napa

April 23, 2021

No Transport Residential Move in San Jose

April 09, 2021

Promt. MM kept me posted with numerous emails, numerous phone calls, and any changes in schedule were also phoned in. Our scheduled truck arrival turned out to be an hour early which worked out fabulously. The crews hustled which shortened my day. The same truck crew unloading blew me away an hour quicker than the loading the day before. The leads each day were very professional explaining there contracts I signed. I'm seriously impressed with the full service from the phone/office to the packers to the truck crews!

Long Distance Residential Move from Fresno to Sunnyvale

March 28, 2021

Quick, prompt and efficient. I had already packed the majority of my belongings for the move and just had everything laid out for them to wrap up and Tetris into the truck. Only took them about an hour to get all my belongings in the back of the truck and on the road.

Long Distance Residential Move from Atascadero to Campbell

March 28, 2021

Very professional and well organized, taking extremely good care of all moved items.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to Fresno

March 28, 2021

Courteous, on time, respectful

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