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If your future includes a move to San Bernardino County, check out Meathead Movers! Our professionally trained student-athlete movers, moving concierge, and packers are prepared to get you safely moved into your new San Bernardino County home.

San Bernardino County, established 1853

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The Beautiful San Bernardino Valley is home to plenty of great natural and entertainment attractions. From exploring the San Bernardino Mountains to a fun day on the water at Lake Arrowhead to enjoying a day of fine shopping and dining in San Bernardino, there is plenty to enjoy in San Bernardino County.

If you are considering calling San Bernardino County home, look no further than Meathead Movers. With a variety of landscapes, San Bernardino offers plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor enthusiasts will love hiking through Joshua Tree National Park, a day swimming in Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead, and exploring San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary in Redlands. From the mountains to the valleys, to the desert there are plenty of natural attractions to enjoy in San Bernardino County.

Residents can also enjoy watching a minor-league baseball game at San Manuel Stadium, concerts in the San Manuel Amphitheater, and shopping in Chino Hills. No matter what you’re interested in, there is sure to be something that you will enjoy in San Bernardino County.


Our San Bernardino Moving Services 

If you are moving to, from, or within San Bernardino, we’re here to help. You have the ability to choose one or more of our award-winning services to make your move go smoothly, and completely tailored to your needs. 

Long Distance Movers in San Bernardino

We’re the experts in moving long distances to and from the San Bernardino County area. Our fully equipped fleet of moving trucks and experienced movers ensures that your belongings remain safe and sound, no matter how far the distance.

Local Movers in San Bernardino

Whether you’re moving to another part of San Bernardino County or within 50 miles, take advantage of our amazing local moving service. Our team of professionals works quickly and efficiently to get your boxes and belongings to where they need to go, so you can enjoy your new environment. 

Commercial Moving in San Bernardino

If you’re looking for office moving services, we have you covered. As the leader in commercial moving, our commitment to making sure your office supplies, equipment, and important documents get safely and securely from one location to the next is our highest priority.

On-Site Moving in San Bernardino

On-site moving is perfect for those that need help moving but don’t need one of our trucks. In fact, we would be able to secure you a portable storage container or rental truck if need be, or even helping you with your own vehicle. Our movers are able to provide labor other helpful services including moving concierge, professional packing, and furniture moving. 

Senior Moving in San Bernardino

We love helping our customers move and making it one of a kind experience, including our senior community! Our moving professionals make the move stress-free, and treat our customers with exceptional service. 

 If you’re looking for high-quality moving supplies including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, rope, plastic wrap, and other supplies, we have those too.

We have been revolutionizing the moving industry since 1997. When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured knowing that your relocation will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.



Our professionally trained & certified San Bernardino student-athlete movers are drug-screened, background checked, and come to us through the numerous colleges around the area.

When our reliable student-athlete movers are not working hard on a move, they are at the warehouse either working out at our on-site gym or studying for school at our computer labs. We invest in our San Bernardino movers to be the best at what they do, both on and off the job. 

You can count on our guys to be trustworthy and meticulous with your precious household belongings. We’re proud to offer a professional packing service to our customers, which our movers help you safely & securely pack up your belongings and household items into boxes for transport to your next destination. The services that we offer are intended to help our customers get as much help or as little help as they need during their move. 

When you move with Meathead, we focus on providing you with the best service possible. We dedicate one crew of student-athlete movers just for you. Having the same crew at your origin and destination means there is accountability for quality. We are so confident in our quality that we back our services with an unprecedented 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to provide our customers with superior services that our competitors just can’t match. In fact, our clean-cut student-athlete movers will even jog when not carrying your possessions, to help save you valuable time.

Our movers in San Bernardino are available to help you remove stress and eliminate any headache from the moving process. Contact one of our Meathead Movers representative is available to discuss your moving needs and provide a free, no-obligation quote today.

Meathead Movers received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Felisha D.

No Transport Commercial Move from San Bernardino to San Bernardino

Easy and quick to communicate with. COI coverage was good and the team was fast.

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San Bernardino County Stats

Average Age
30 years
Median Income

Honest Moving Company reviews on San Bernardino County Meathead Movers

482 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move in Victorville

March 07, 2023

No Transport Residential Move in Redlands

March 03, 2023

No Transport Residential Move from Norco to Fontana

February 22, 2023

Local Residential Move from Chino to Rch Cucamonga

February 13, 2023

All the workers were excellent and did a great job!

Local Residential Move from San Bernrdno to Fontana

January 28, 2023

The giys were just fantastic. Friendly, professional, organized and fast.

Local Residential Move from Fountain Vly to Chino

January 27, 2023

On time great workers very friendly personable and professional great team work

Local Residential Move from Fontana to Pinion Hills

January 22, 2023

Local Residential Move from Eastvale to Chino

December 17, 2022

Local Commercial Move from Rch Cucamonga to Ontario

December 15, 2022

We reached out to Meathead because my mom, Kim, has hired previously & it was important to her that college students received the benefit of our move over other professional options. Historically, I've hired a different service for our moves, both business & personal, but Kim wanted to help out college students; she's had great experiences with Orange County Meathead Movers. The tone of our day was set when Meathead finally arrived on-site; 40 minutes late. Rather than apologizing & facing the lateness, the crew came in saying that we had way too much stuff for a 4 hour move & that they'd only be making one trip with the truck so we needed to prioritize what we wanted moved. So, first off, we never said this was a 4 hour move; 4 hours is the Minimum that Meathead charges for - that's where 4 hours came from - not from us. Second, prioritize my stuff to be moved? Maybe toward the end of the day; but to show up to the site saying that? No. That happened a few times. The crew would tell me that they had 3 hours left before they had to leave for the warehouse, allowing for 2 hours of travel. Then, 15 minutes later, they told my wife they only had 30 minutes left; they probably didn't realize that Kim was my mom and Jill was my wife - we talked. Lastly, when the bill came, of course, hours have been fudged. The crew claimed a 30 minute lunch. However, it was actually a 40 minute lunch for 2 of them and 60 for the other 2; when they came back in the pickup truck, it took about 20 minutes for the 2 to unlock the large truck and get the ramps out - the other two hung out at the pickup while this was happening. Normally, I wouldn't bring this up, but since we were charged for 30 minutes of Overtime, it made me laugh when I saw that only 30 minutes for Lunch was being claimed. Because the crew was SLOW. So slow, in fact, that we had to help load and unload elevators, etc. There was Meathead hustle toward the end of the shift, when the kids wanted to head home, but their feet dragged the rest of the day. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure two of the guys were pretty new; one didn't know how to wheel around our fridge; the wheels are straight in the back and steerable in the front but he was attempting to push it sideways. The crew leader was having to do double work moving things herself then stopping to redirect these two new guys. All in all, this was our fault in that Meathead isn't really geared for office moves. As a new customer, my experience was that Meathead is really great for when someone needs some help moving, but will still be doing the lion's share of the work; like, if someone isn't a member of a church or club or have other friends that can help them move, call Meathead. Kim's heart was in the right place, picking Meathead over the other mover we had scope out the project, but no good deed goes unpunished, as they say. With the fudged overtime, we blew past the quote from the other company we had lined up. They would've sent a bit more of an experienced crew and the job would've been done within the allotted time. The Meathead crew seemed to forget that we also wanted to go home and weren't expecting this basic move to take literally all day. But again, kids; we should've anticipated that.

No Transport Residential Move from Redlands to Clovis

December 15, 2022

Very professional and courteous!

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