How to make moving with pets a paw-fect experience

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Every single day, our Meathead Movers Call Center hears stories about the adorable pups and cats (and some other interesting animals!) that will need to be accounted for during a big move. Our decades of experience have allowed us to master the art of making the move seamless for not only our customers, but our customers’ furry friends. Here’s some tips to prepare to make sure your pets are ready on move day:

Moving with Pets

Make sure animals are allowed at your next destination

Are you moving to a new town? Or maybe a rental property with a new landlord? It’s important to check the local laws and rental rules to ensure that your pet is allowed in those areas. Depending on species and breed, some animals are prohibited from certain establishments. Even if you own the home you’re moving into, be sure to check with the neighborhood association to make sure there are no limitations on what animals you’re allowed to have in that community.

Arrange for a pet sitter

Although we love meeting your fur babies on move day, sometimes it’s easier and less stressful for your animal if you arrange for a pet sitter during the actual move. Don’t have a pet sitter on standby? No problem! Utilize our complimentary concierge service and we’ll connect you with a local pet sitter in your area.

If you’d rather keep your animals with you on move day – we recommend finding a safe, quiet space for your pet and letting our team of Meatheads know to be cautious/prepared when entering that space.

Pack a separate box for your pet’s belongings

If you’re utilizing the Meathead Packers, there’s no doubt that we’ll set aside your pet’s belongings and properly label the box. If you’re packing on your own, we encourage you to put aside the essentials for your animals – including but not limited to: food, toys, medical records and microchip numbers. Having easy access to that box the moment you arrive to your new home will be important for you and your pet. We encourage pet owners to make the new home as familiar as possible to ensure a smooth transition during a stressful time for any animal.

Make the proper arrangements to transport your pet to your next destination

Whether you’re driving or flying to your new home, make sure you’ve made arrangements to bring your animals along. It might be important to start crate training for the flight to the next state over, or familiarize your animal with car transportation.

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