Group of four Meathead Movers next to a moving truck

San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo is a down-to-earth, small college town where Meathead got its start. According to Oprah Winfrey, it’s the happiest city in America. (We like to think we had a hand in that.)

Three Meathead Movers with their arms crossed

Oxnard, CA

Athletes from across Ventura County join the Meathead team at our Oxnard location, delivering exceptional moving experiences while giving back to the community too.

Two Meathead Movers working out in the gym

Santa Ana, CA

Orange County couldn’t believe its luck when Meathead came to town. Our exceptional team members based in Santa Ana continue to impress and surprise customers with their strength and charm.

Meathead Mover showing off the Meathead logo on his shirt

Fresno, CA

Our premiere Central Valley location is in northwest Fresno, and we’re doing great work with our athlete teammates in the computer lab, weight room, and out on the move.

Group of Meathead Movers smiling in the gym

Bakersfield, CA

Our San Joaquin Valley headquarters is in the historic, fast-growing town of Bakersfield. Here, our world-class movers support families and businesses of all sizes as they grow their dreams in their new homes.

Four Meathead Movers standing on a moving truck ramp

Temecula, CA

Beautiful Southern California wine country is home to our Temecula location. Our athlete movers service the Riverside and San Diego County areas.