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Meathead Movers is now offering 0-36% payment options for qualifying customers.

What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

Unloading & On-Site Moving Services

Unloading & On-Site Moving Services

Taking on a big move yourself can present its challenges. By partnering up with Meathead Movers’ in-home moving services you can get the assistance you need by allowing us to lift not only your boxes, but also the weight off your shoulders. Our on-site labor service can eliminate a fraction of your moving costs by only assisting you where you need it most. Additionally, we provide you with a complimentary moving concierge service that connects you with other service providers such as rental truck companies. You’ll have an ultimate moving dream team!

In-Home Moving Services

Meathead Movers is changing the way people view the moving industry, offering professional, industry leading in-home moving services. By using our on-site labor service, instead of our full service, you can save money by removing the cost of our trucks. Our moving concierge service is here to assist in securing a rental truck or portable storage container from a reputable provider. Meathead Movers’ in-home moving services provide our clients with moving options, tailored to their specific needs.

Professional Packing Services

Meathead Movers also offers a professional packing service, providing an even easier move for you. Our packers are trained to provide a safe and secure packing job for all of your belongings. We provide all of the packing supplies and materials, and we can even help you unpack when you reach your destination with our unpacking services!

Professional Furniture Moving

Our in-home furniture movers can rearrange the pieces into your new home, as well as clear out items to accommodate a remodel, lift away other heavy items, move things up and down flights of stairs, and even re-organize your garage. When we say we’re here for you from start to finish, we mean it! Contact us today or request a quote online to see how we can help you in your move, whether that’s with in-home moving services or a full-service experience.

Top Reasons Why Customers Love Our Unloading & On-Site Moving Services

Tailored Options For Your Needs
All-Inclusive Pricing
Safety First

Reason #1 – Tailored Options For Your Needs

Moving is hard enough as it is. Our professional Meathead Movers can handle your more time consuming and heavy lifting tasks so you can spend time on other important things. From loading, unloading, packing belongings, rearranging furniture, providing quality resources with our moving concierge program and other moving needs, we can help you every step of the way.

Tailored Options For Your Needs
All-Inclusive Pricing
Safety First

Reason #2 – All-Inclusive Pricing

What you pay is what you pay. We won’t surprise you with bogus charges for using additional equipment, or other random charges that other moving companies may tack on. Transparency is one of our highest priorities, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Tailored Options For Your Needs
All-Inclusive Pricing
Safety First

Reason #3 – Safety First

Here at Meathead Movers, we put the safety of you and your belongings first. Our expert movers are trained for any kind of move, to ensure your belongings stay safe. We even take our truck loading and unloading very seriously, utilizing moving best practices and making sure your items get to where they need to go safely and securely.

Meathead Movers’ On‑Site Moving Services

During the moving process, many of our valued clients want to be involved, often preferring to move their light and fragile items in their own vehicle. But how are they going to move those heavy, expensive pieces? Meathead Movers fills that niche. At no extra charge, Meathead Movers crews supply three types of dollies, proper tie-downs and a full set of tools. If you need help rearranging the furniture in your home, clearing items out to accommodate a remodel, lifting heavy pieces or re-organizing your garage, our on-site moving labor service is exactly what you are looking for. Ask about our stand-by options for lower hourly minimums!

Our Reviews

At Meathead Movers, we are always honest with our current and prospecting clients and never filter our ratings.

Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

29,183+ reviews

Debbie R.

No Transport Move in Fresno

On time, kept me notified, moving the whole time they were here, friendly and asked before moving if there was a question

Patricia M.

No Transport Move in San Luis Obispo

Friendly and efficirnt

Emily M.

No Transport Move in Fresno

Your flexibility in working with me to set a minimum two hours for a small job. The two movers who came to help were fantastic.

Gary K.

No Transport Move in Bakersfield

Great guys! Glad I used the service! Thank you!

Emy C.

No Transport Move in Clovis

The boys were very polite and extremely helpful! Would definitely use you again!!

Shauna C.

No Transport Move in Lemoore

All of it!!! I do wish that the initial folks that set up the move over the phone head told me more of the things that could not be transported by the company though. All they told me was no hot tub and no pool table but nothing about medication‘s, the fact that I had to unplug all of the electronics, cannot transport any types of aerosol cans like spray paint or hairspray, etc. The gentleman were so insanely great! My movers were Sam Garza, Omar Enriquez, Joel Gomez, Garen Corgiat, Bradly Sotelo, and they were superb and over the top excellent!

Toni G.

No Transport Move in Culver City

We moved my dad from a senior independent living facility across the road to an assisted living facility. Every encounter that I had with Meathead Movers, from the original inquiry call, to the reminder call, to the actual move, really went beyond my expectations. The young woman with whom I spoke initially to inquire about Meathead Movers’ prices and availiability was fantastic – both knowledgeable and accommodating. I also want to call out Brianna who called me to remind me about the date and time and answered all of my questions. But the best were Carlos and the young man that accompanied him. They were kind, professional, careful, and efficient. I cannot tell you how happy we were with the service we received.

Stephen A.

No Transport Move in Los Banos

cordial young, energetic, nicely dressed, intellegemt, all around American workers.

Nichole A.

No Transport Move in Clovis

The guys ate very professional and personal. I have enjoyed each encounter and I would recommend you to EVERYONE! Everyone i spoke to were awesome and I don’t think I would use anyone else ever! Good job!

Scott G.

No Transport Move in Sonora

They did a great job. Worked hard, fast, were very polite and respectful.