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Meathead Movers’ On‑Site Moving Services

Meathead Movers is changing the way people view the moving industry, offering professional on-site labor services. By using our on-site labor service, instead of our full service, you can save money by removing the cost of our trucks. Our Concierge is here to assist in securing a rental truck or portable storage container from a reputable provider. Meathead Movers’ on-site moving services provide our clients with moving options, tailored to their specific needs.

During the moving process, many of our valued clients want to be involved, often preferring to move their light and fragile items in their own vehicle. But how are they going to move those heavy, expensive pieces? Meathead Movers fills that niche. At no extra charge, Meathead Movers crews supply three types of dollies, proper tie-downs and a full set of tools. If you need help rearranging the furniture in your home, clearing items out to accommodate a remodel lifting heavy pieces or re-organizing your garage, our on-site moving labor service is exactly what you are looking for. Ask about our stand-by options for lower hourly minimums!

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Top Reasons for Using Our Loading/Unloading & On-Site Moving Services

  • We save you money and jog when not carrying your items.
  • We’re quick and efficient.
  • Our prices are all inclusive; we don’t nickel and done for the use of dollies, tie downs, or padding.
  • We’re flexible and help you load, unload and even rearrange your home.
  • We’re legendary with our award-winning service.
  • We provide the same high quality experience and professionally- trained movers that we do on our full service moves.

Get started on your on-site move with Meathead Movers today!

Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

20,193 total customer reviews

No Transport Residential Move in Morro Bay

February 23, 2020

No Transport Residential Move in Long Beach

February 23, 2020

Great staff, movers, schedulers, everyone of you folks! We have used you in the past and have ale been satisfied. We will use you again and recommend you in the future as well. A+++++!

No Transport Residential Move in Thousand Oaks

February 23, 2020

Very efficient and hard working. Moved things with a lot of care. They were very polite and easy to work with!!!

No Transport Residential Move in Bakersfield

February 23, 2020

No Transport Residential Move from turlock to Turlock

February 22, 2020


No Transport Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

February 22, 2020

Friendly, funny crew! Great attention to detail (Saran wrapped our stoves we were moving to keep the doors from falling open during our move), promptness of arrival with a phone call beforehand, service was quick and safety precautions were followed, the company was able to squeeze me in to their schedule as an “on call” since my time frame was tight, great customer service over the phone as well!

No Transport Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

February 22, 2020

No Transport Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

February 21, 2020

No Transport Residential Move in Guadalupe

February 21, 2020

No Transport Residential Move in Bakersfield

February 20, 2020

The movers were friendly and very helpful.

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