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Leave your local move to the clean cut, dependable, student athlete movers at Meathead.
Leave your local move to the clean cut, dependable, student athlete movers at Meathead.

Local Moving With Meathead Movers

Meathead Movers offers you two ways to move locally: Full Service and On-Site Labor Moves. During your full-service move, you can expect local, clean-cut movers to show up on move day fully equipped and eager to deliver Meathead’s legendary customer experience. And yes–the rumors are true, we really do jog when not carrying anything! We show up with everything you need, from the moving truck (equipped with Air Ride suspension) to all the pads, dollies, and ties, all at no extra cost to you! Your move starts when we show up, and you control the entire day from start to finish. Leading up to your move day, our team works diligently to ensure your move is fully customized to your needs, concerns, and budget.

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Top Reasons for Using Our Moving Services

  • We JOG when NOT carrying your items, saving you time and money.
  • We have no hidden fees or unexplained charges.
  • We are fast and efficient and provide quality results.
  • We can be trusted with our licensed and trained movers.
  • We hire strong student-athletes for all our moves.
  • We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our movers get paid more when your items don’t get damaged and when they receive high customer service ratings.


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Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

20,125 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria

February 15, 2020

Local Residential Move in Corona

February 15, 2020

The movers were late, the truck was smaller than they needed, they were one workers short, they failed to do what they said to dismount the TV and move it… They left it in the old place. They lost the screws and when we got to the new place they asked me where the shelves were for the bookshelf. They had left them at the old house. I had to go get them. They did not bring all of their own supplies that they need in order to put the furniture in the new place so I had to drive back myself to pick up the supplies for them. There was a young lady walking around with a clipboard reminding me every 15 minutes how much I owed for the work. I moved three fourths of the house myself and I had everything boxed for them. They did not have to box anything and still it took over eight hours. Your female worker told me they would just work slower in order to fill the minimum time. She wanted to charge me nearly $2000 as I was sitting here at 8:30 at night with not even all of my stuff appropriately moved and it was outrageous.

Local Residential Move from Atascadero to San Luis Obispo

February 15, 2020

Super nice movers

Local Residential Move in Los Banos

February 14, 2020

The team you sent did a fabulous job! The only thing they forgot to do was to tell me where they put the light bulbs!

Local Residential Move in Solvang

February 14, 2020

Finally a moving company that deserves very high praise!! They are the most professional, courteous, careful movers I have ever known. The lead Meathead keeps you informed every step of the way. The guys literally run from their trips to the truck to save you time. Unbelievable!

Local Residential Move in Fresno

February 14, 2020

These guys work hard and don't mess around.

Local Residential Move in Fresno

February 14, 2020

Local Residential Move from Morro Bay to Los osos

February 14, 2020

Local Residential Move in Oxnard

February 14, 2020

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Santa Maria

February 14, 2020

EVERYTHING! Superb customer service, professional, patient and careful with all my belongings. Kind, considerate and polite movers. Reasonable pricing. Your organization is top notch and I am so glad I looked into hiring your team. Thank you for all the help you provided from the office to the actual move itself.

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