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When moving day arrives after weeks or months of preparation, there tends to be a wide variety of emotions that are felt. These feelings can be both positive and negative.

There may be feelings of positivity and happiness because a new move usually translates into new beginnings. On the other hand, these feelings may fall on the other side of the spectrum. Perhaps the move is happening due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Whatever the situation may be, the most important thing to consider is how you prepare for moving day. (Utilizing our handy moving checklist & reading our moving tips can help eliminate a ton of stress and keep you on the right track.)

In preparing for a move, there is one commonality shared by individuals that tend to get overlooked. That commonality is understanding what the moving company you hired can and cannot move.

When customers have to be told that certain items cannot be hauled away in our trucks, there usually is a feeling of disbelief. Many people believe that moving companies can haul anything and everything, and unfortunately, that is not the case.

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This article is dedicated to helping our customers that are looking to move, understand what Meathead Movers is not able to move, with detailed reasons why.

Whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, or are using on-site, commercial, or senior moving services, and before you finish your moving preparation, please read this important document and make sure that if you do have an item that we’re not able to move, other arrangements can be made.

Inform us of your situation and what you need to have moved, and we’ll find you a safe, reliable, and trustworthy resource through our concierge service.

Item limitations

If we are moving any of the following items, they need to be signed off on our Special Circumstance Acknowledgment. Please use our Concierge Service to locate a specialist vendor if we are unable to move the item.

Especially fragile items

  • Stand-alone marble slab

If they are crated or fixed to a sturdy, rigid frame, we may be able to move them.

  • Antiques

If they are enclosed in crates or are very sturdy and in no danger of being damaged in the moving process, then we may be able to move the item.

  • Plasma screen televisions

They must be in crates for us to transport them in our truck because even the jostling in the truck can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. If crating is not an option, we can load/unload them from the client’s vehicle. We are not liable for the transportation of the item.

  • Grandfather clocks

The client must disassemble all of the weights.

Note: Meathead Movers offers a professional packing service that can help you pack up items that are permitted, easily, and efficiently.

Especially large or heavy items

  • Safes

If they are crated or fixed to a sturdy, rigid frame, we may be able to move them.

  • Pianos

We only move upright or spinet pianos, up no more than three (3) steps.

  • Pool tables

We cannot move pool tables that have 1 piece slate. If the pool table has a 3-piece slate, we can move if: Each piece of slate is crated and the pool table must be disassembled before we arrive.

  • Hot tubs

We do NOT move hot tubs

  • Tool chests

Tool chests must be empty of all tools in order for us to transport them. Tool chests can add up to be an extremely heavy item when filled with tools (sometimes more than a thousand pounds!). This can cause injury to the crew, damage to our trucks, and damage to the item itself.


  • Plants

They can make a mess in and around our clients’ furniture in our truck. If the plants are in boxes and debris won’t get loose, we may be able to move them. As a customer, know that:

    • We can load them into your personal vehicle
    • Terracotta pots are extremely fragile and will break due to the vibrations in the truck.
  • Exposed canvas oil paintings

Oil paintings take 60 – 80 years to completely “dry.” We can move if:

    • The paintings are in crates, or the client boxed them
    • The paintings are listed on the Special Circumstance Agreement
  • Murphy beds

Murphy beds require specialty movers due to being spring-loaded and needing unique disassembly. We can move them as long as:

    • They are disassembled prior to us arriving
    • We will NOT be able to reassemble the beds at their new location, because assembly/disassembly can cause safety issues for the crew due to the springs.

Local limitations

  • Spiral staircases

We will not go up or down spiral staircases because they are not conducive to moving furniture safely.

  • Forklifts

We do not operate forklifts

    • If a client hires another service provider to hoist items to the level, we can move the items to that level.
  • Ladders

We cannot climb on ladders.

  • Attics

We cannot enter any attics.

  • Unenclosed trailers/trucks

Our Meathead Movers are not trained to load these types of vehicles/trailers. Loading these types of vehicles could lead to items falling out causing serious damage and/or injury to our crew.

Items we NEVER move

A Meathead Mover standing near the back of a moving truck with his thumbs pointed down.

  • Living things
  • Explosives, corrosives, flammables, etc.
  • No firearms. None. Not even replicas.
  • Firewood
  • Air beds
  • Gasoline-powered vehicles, such as motorcycles or All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Propane tanks

We take pride in our level of commitment, safety, and service to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience in not being able to move the items listed.

If there’s anything not listed here, it’s fair game. We’ll move anything else, including workout equipment!

Two Meathead Movers lifting an elliptical machine into a moving truck.

If there are items not listed here that you still may be unsure of, please contact a representative at Meathead Movers and we’ll gladly assist you. If you’re in the process of looking for reliable movers, request a free quote and experience how moving was meant to be done.

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