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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in providing you with the best moving experience possible, which is why all Meathead Movers clients are entitled to 100% satisfaction guaranteed for their moving and packing services.

The Meathead Difference

When working with Meathead Movers, you will quickly discover the Meathead Difference, clearly standing out amongst the rest. With an A+ rating, Meathead Movers is the highest rated moving company in California by the Better Business Bureau. Discover the Meathead Difference today.

Open 7 Days A Week

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We are committed to providing our clients with top level customer service. Meathead Movers is open 7 days a week to assist you whenever necessary.

Active in the Community

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Giving back is such an integral part of who we are, and every Meathead strives to support those in need. This takes many forms: sponsorships to local athletes, grants for the performing arts and not-for-profit health care, hosting fundraisers to benefit local kids in need, and moving men and women who are victims of domestic violence for free.

Clean Cut Student Athletes

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With most Meatheads enrolled in college or actively part of an athletic team, you can expect us to have high standards for ourselves and the work we deliver during your move. It is company policy that each Meathead arrives rested, clean-shaven, in full uniform and ready to work hard.

Meathead University

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From the thorough hiring process to the rigorous training program, Meathead Movers’ trainees observe multiple moving jobs. Expectations are clear so clients never feel like they’re getting a rookie crew. Every month we conduct reviews with our team. We strive to make continuous improvements across the company and in our ongoing training program.

Jog to Save You Time & Money

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Only Meathead Movers are required to jog when not carrying your items, saving you time and money. 

Incentive Programs

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Like any great business, we offer compelling incentive programs to ensure that everyone at Meathead places the highest emphasis on what our clients value most. Employees are incentivized through wage increases when successful moves result in no damaged items and excellent customer service ratings.

Moving Concierge Service

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All clients are provided access to the complimentary Meathead Concierge. Available 7 days a week, the Meathead Concierge refer you to industry leading professionals, removing any unnecessary stress during your move.

Proprietary Software

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We utilize our proprietary moving software to create systems that are scalable, sustainable and applicable for future moves, based on past customer and employee data and reviews.

Smoke Free

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With Meathead Movers, you can expect athletic, collegiate movers who will never take a smoke break while on the job.

Fixed Pricing & O% Payment Plans Available

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We offer fixed pricing and guarantee no hidden fees or unexplained charges. You can rest assured that Meathead Movers will never weigh a loaded truck and charge clients for an underestimated weight, unlike other moving companies who are known to tack on unexpected extra charges. We also partner with Affirm to offer payment options as low as 0% financing up to 12 months (OAC).

No Consolidated Trucks

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We focus on one customer at a time – you. We don’t consolidate your load with anyone else’s, allowing us to guarantee pickup and delivery dates and times. This also means your items will never be commingled with anyone else’s, so you don’t have to worry about them being “lost” or delivered to the wrong address. We will never tell our clients to expect their goods in a 4-7 day span. We are committed to your schedule, not our freighting schedules. Moving is enough of a transition that the last thing you want is to end up waiting nervously wondering if and when your daughter’s crib is going to arrive. Our long-distance trucks are equipped with air ride because Protecting What’s Worth Keeping® is our specialty.

Same Movers at Both Ends

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We only hire licensed, trained and insured laborers to load and transport your furniture, never hiring “temporary” workers. Providing the same movers at both ends, Meathead Movers upholds the highest accountability for quality and consistent services.

Social Responsibility

Rooted in our mission statement, Meathead Movers is committed to giving back to local communities through disaster relief and the #MoveToEndDV Movement.

Meathead Movers supports local communities, especially when they need it most. Our manpower, vehicles and nimble workforce give us the ability to respond to natural disasters in practical, effective ways.  Thanks to the incredible support from our neighbors in these times of crisis, we’ve filled and sent dozens of moving trucks full of much-needed supplies to those affected by devastating wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

For nearly two decades, Meathead Movers has partnered with local shelters across California to move victims of domestic violence from dangerous situations for free.  Ignited from Meathead Movers’ philanthropic efforts, #MoveToEndDV has grown into a national movement, challenging businesses and community members to take the #MoveToEndDV pledge and donate their services to help domestic violence shelters.

The Meathead Wrestling Club is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering, promoting and encouraging the sport of amateur wrestling to all ages and at every level. We are committed to providing the finest wrestling instruction and building character, health and well-being, sportsmanship, self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes about dedication, persistence, and hard work among the youth of the California Central Coast.

Abraham Lincoln

Always honest, never filtered

Ratings & Reviews

Always honest, never filtered. Each Meathead client is given the opportunity to publicly share their experiences with Meathead after the move. Providing the highest standards in the moving industry, we display all Meathead Movers client reviews to showcase true transparency and honesty.

Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

27,590 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Arroyo Grande

August 17, 2022

Everyone in person - movers, storage staff, etc - were great. There is clearly a disconnect between management/sales and the people on the ground. When I emailed questions I did not always get answers. When I got answers they were not necessarily complete, or consistent. Sales staff, in retrospect, seemed to give answers that would cement the sale, rather than were necessarily accurate. For instance, there was never a discussion about weight vs. volume. When I was told I needed to get rid of an amount of stuff to use one truck instead of two, I assumed it was volume and not weight. Weight was never mentioned as an element other than related to how high the bid was. I used Meathead, even though it cost more, because it came recommended. If this is the best moving company, it is no wonder that people move their own stuff whenever possible.

No Transport Residential Move in Santa Maria

August 17, 2022

The guys were great, but there was some damage done to a BRAND NEW desk, and I'm nly being offered 60 cents a pound as reimbursement, when it's going to cost much much more to fix the damage. The last company that damaged my furniture paid in full when I provided the quote for repairs. I'll be working with Allied over Meathead if that's how you handle damages.

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Madera

August 17, 2022

I like that I get to support the college and help domestic abuse victims. I like that you guys were prompt and friendly and ready to help out.

Local Residential Move from Los Osos to Los osos

August 17, 2022

First of all calling to schedule a appointment for a move was wnderful,Alyss helped out and was very courteous. My crew,David,Rachel,Keith,Alajandro,Parker,Kajmin and Nathan had great work ethic’s, it’s been a long time for myself to see such hard workers and so courteous . They were delightful to work with. Michi Castillo

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

August 17, 2022

Great guys! They were ve

No Transport Residential Move in Ventura

August 17, 2022

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

August 17, 2022

Great service!!

Local Residential Move from San Pedro to Simi Valley

August 17, 2022

The movers are incredibly professional and extremely efficient with their packing, loading, and unloading. We were so impressed and very satisfied.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Santa Maria

August 17, 2022

The employees are always very helpful and work hard. I was a little surprised though as to what I was told on the phone, as to what I was told by the movers. On the phone I was told that my items would be wrapped in shrink wrap and I was very happy about that since everything was going into storage. When the movers arrived they told me that it would only be items that they felt needed it, but I could by blankets for $15 a piece. It seems a bit like "bait and switch" to me. I was very disappointed and ended up spending almost $200 extra because I had no choice. Everyone from the office to the movers should be on the same page.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to Fresno

August 17, 2022

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