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Tips for setting up the perfect event

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

While our claim-to-fame is definitely moving and packing, we offer many more services beyond that. One important service that our athletes have mastered is the art of setting up an event. We would never say that we are professional event planners, but we sure do have the muscle to execute event planners’ visions.

We are often called into action when nonprofits need help setting up galas or marathons, or when a bride and groom need additional hands to prepare for a wedding. With more than two decades of experience, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks that we’ll share with you to make sure you’re ready to have an amazing event.

Meatheads Setting Up Charity Event

Create a day-of event timeline

When we are given the exact timeline of events for the day, it makes it easy for us to plan how long it will take to pack up, unload, unpack and set up everything needed to make the event a huge success. By identifying who needs to do what, it helps avoid any confusion and ensures that each person involved knows what tasks they’re responsible for.

Minimize last-minute changes

Along with creating an agenda, it’s also important to avoid changing that final agenda as much as possible. When we are planning an event set-up, we know exactly how many Meatheads need to be onsite and how many trucks we need to bring to transport the materials. If you allow party hosts the ability to change the RSVP count by 100 chairs the day before, it makes for a stressful event day for everyone involved. Setting clear deadline dates to provide final counts and commitments will allow you to rest-easy knowing that all of your plans will come together.

Always have a back-up plan

No matter how great your plan and timeline are, nothing throws a wrench in an event like a rainy day! Preparing for any possible mishaps minimizes stress on everyone. It’s important to check in with your venue and vendors to find out what restrictions they have if weather doesn’t go according to plan. Then, it’s important to have additional vendors on hand as a contingency plan if something falls through or you need to order last-minute supplies like a tent. What you can always count on is a handful of Meathead Movers available to set up the tent or move your equipment indoors to execute the back-up plan!

Meatheads Helping Ronald McDonald House

Need some additional muscle to set up your perfect event? Call us today for a free estimate!

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