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Meathead Movers' Service Pillars

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Our co-founder, Aaron Steed, recently visited the One & Only Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, one of the finest resorts in the world. He was taken aback by the over-the-top service by genuine people who accommodated and anticipated his every expressed and unexpressed want/need. He was so impressed that he requested a face-to-face meeting with the hotel’s general manager.  He asked, “How did you create such an amazing culture and lead a team that cares from the bottom of their soul to deliver such over the top and consistent WOW customer service?”  After a two-hour conversation, they honed in that the main reason for the great service is knowing, understanding and reinforcing the service pillars company-wide, which is very different from a company’s values or mission statement.  That conversation is how Meathead Movers’ Service Pillars were born. Our Service Pillars represent the code of conduct for how we are to treat our customers at all times, and what we should be measured up to.

These are Meathead Movers’ Service Pillars:

Meathead Movers' Service Pillars

Attitude: Our team’s attitude is the cornerstone of outstanding customer service. Every employee cares. We are solution-driven and we have empathy. Our attitudes remain positive, friendly and cheerful.

Interest: We are 100% customer-focused. We ask thoughtful questions and listen closely in order to personalize the relationship with every customer. All of our actions need to convey that our customers are important to us. Research shows that over 80% of service failures come from the perception that you just don’t care.

Action: Everyone is accountable for their own actions. We take ownership.  We solve problems through collaboration, creativity and follow-through. When customers see you being proactive, or taking immediate action to ensure their satisfaction, they consider this a positive experience.  Research shows that over 90% of customers consider “taking ownership” as the primary factor in “WOW” customer experience.

Body Language: Even when our mouths aren’t speaking, our body and how we present ourselves is. It’s important to smile, maintain good posture and uphold clean uniforms. Being presentable and approachable will keep customers feeling comfortable and confident in our ability to get the job done.

Tone of Voice: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Through persuasion, influence and expertise, we provide customers with a sense of calm. Utilize your empathy and positive energy to exude confidence. Focusing on your speed, pitch, loudness, intonation and timbre, will ensure that you’re presenting yourself as an experienced Meathead employee.

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