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How to pack a computer

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Afraid of that giant pile of technology sitting on your desk? We know what you are thinking, and getting that computer into a moving box is not the first thing on your bucket list. Here is a brief how-to video loaded with tips and techniques on making this step much easier for you on your next move. Everything from what packing materials you will need, to important steps that need to be done ahead of time. All things considered, we hope this informational gets you up to speed for moving your computer. Enjoy this awesome video and have you any questions or great moving ideas worth sharing, feel free to comment below.


Step-by-step guide to pack a computer

  1. First! Back up all your files and important documents before moving your desktop.
  2. Packing requirements:
    • Rigid cardboard box just bigger than the size of your computer,
    • Packing paper /packing peanuts,
    • Bubble wrap,
    • Packaging tape
    • Permanent marker
    • Medium size plastic bag/rubber band/masking tape
  3. Ensure box is securely taped on the bottom to prevent possible damage a. Most computers have a hard drive that is easily damaged from being hit or dropped so be sure to keep this in mind when moving.
  4. Clear plenty of desk space to create enough working room to pack up your computer.
  5. Before Shutting Down your computer, make sure to eject any CD’s from the computer’s disk drive.
  6. Once the computer is completely turned off, unplug the power cable from the power outlet.
  7. Carefully disconnect all wires and cables from your computer leaving nothing attached. (IE: keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, speakers, iPod charger, external hard drive, Ethernet wire, etc.)
    • If necessary, mark all or any confusing looking cables with masking tape to indicate where each cable goes.
    • Note: most computer screen cables must be unscrewed before they can be detached.
  8. Organize all misc. cables and place into a plastic bag or wrap neatly together.
  9. Line the box with bubble wrap or packing paper and wrap the computer tower with the same.
  10. Place the computer tower securely into the box (standing in the upright position if possible)  
  11. Next wrap the monitor in bubble wrap or with other packaging materials – primarily to protect the screen from severe damaging.
  12. Once wrapped, place inside box next to tower.
    • If dealing with a large screen monitor, feel free to package separately if necessary, but keep as many parts together to prevent general disarray when unpacking.
  13. Finally wrap and place keyboard, mouse, and other misc. accessories and cables into box in the remaining free space – *in a fashion that will not rest on or cause damage to the screen of the monitor.
  14. Fill box to brim with remaining packaging materials, close box, and properly seal with tape.
  15. Label the contents of the box and mark FRAGILE on the outside so that it is legible from any side.
  16. Update Facebook status via smartphone upon completing this project because you are awesome!

Video transcript:

Hello, and welcome to a special meathead movers moving tip on – How to Pack a Computer

Before we begin, make sure you the time to back up all your computer information on an external hard-drive, cloud drive, a million CDs, or any other preferred method.

You will want to acquire some of these key packing materials. A strong cardboard box that will fit the dimensions of your computer, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, permanent marker, and a plastic bag, rubber band to wrap your extra computer cables with.

Next, clear off plenty of desk space to work on. If your packing surface is fragile, feel free to lay down a blanket or a collapsed moving box.

Check to make sure there are no CDs left in the disk tray and proceed to properly shut down your computer. Then safely disconnect it from the power source. Remove all connected devices from the computer. And if necessary, label any confusing looking cables so that you know where they go when putting them all back to together.

When preparing your box, ensure that the bottom is securely taped together to prevent your computer from falling to certain doom.

Now place a layer of bubble wrap or other protective materials along the bottom of the box.

Take the time to properly wrap your computer tower with plenty of bubble wrap or foam to protect it from any high impact damage. Your hard drive is very fragile and should be taken into consideration when making this move.

Wrap your computer screen with the same great care, also placing it in the upright position so that the screen will not be damaged.

Finally take the remaining components such as the mouse, keyboard, and other misc. cables and wrap them. Then place them inside of box in a secure location.

Now fill the remaining empty space with the packing paper for maximum packing integrity.

With everything in place, now we can close and seal the box. And don’t forget to label the contents on the outside of the box and indicate that it is fragile.

And there you have it! You have successfully packed the computer for your move.

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