Learn the Moving Tips

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Meathead Moving Tips

Moving tip number one is to start with a thorough moving checklist. Preparing to move can be a daunting task, which is why we offer the fool-proof Meathead Movers’ Moving Checklist.

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Packing Tips

Moving tip number two: Packing for your move can be extremely time-consuming, frustrating and tedious. Discover our helpful hints and packing tips, backed by years of experience.

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Moving Supplies

Moving tip number three: Stock up on supplies. From boxes to moving pads, purchase your moving supplies from Meathead Movers. We can even deliver the packing supplies right to your door step.

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Meathead Packers

Moving tip number four: Did you know it can take 50 hours to pack a three bedroom house? Don’t let packing overwhelm you. Meathead Packers will make your move easy and painless. Let our professional packers do the work for you.

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Moving Game Plan Meathead Movers

And for our final moving tip, moving tip number five: Have a game plan. We’ve put together a step-by-step moving game plan to guide you through the moving process. Discover what you can expect from the Meathead experience!

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It is the goal of each Meathead Mover to move all of your personal belongings without mishap and to bring them to the new location in the same condition in which they were acquired. No matter how well the move is going, accidents can happen, and that is why we strongly recommend our clients purchase some level of valuation. View our valuation form here.

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Tips for Moving Seniors

When a senior citizen is moving, they need to trust the people moving them and their lifetime of memories. We’re told our clean-cut, athlete movers and packers remind our clients of their grandsons and granddaughters! Read about the special care Meathead Movers takes of our seniors and their families.

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