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Strongest Man in Temecula Dumbell

Meathead Movers brings you the strongest man in Temecula

Here at Meathead Movers we don’t just measure strength by how heavy you can lift or the size of your muscles. We take into account mental and personal strengths as well as work ethic. Meathead Movers employees will to rise to the occasion, but most importantly, they are looking to become future leaders. We provide […]

How to save money when moving in 2023

Whether you’re downsizing or moving into a bigger home to accommodate your growing family – moving can be a hectic time. However, while starting a new chapter of your life in a new home might be fun, actually moving might be more stressful than you think. From sourcing cardboard boxes to finding a local moving […]

Meathead Packer holding a dish wrapped in packing paper

Packing tips from the professionals

Moving to a new home can be an exciting endeavor. But an unorganized packing process can take away from the precious experience of embarking on a new journey. If your packing is unorganized, the process may take longer than it should, causing even more stress on you (as if moving isn’t already stressful enough). Don’t […]

Learn how to safely move a fish tank

How to safely move a fish tank

Preparing for a move can be stressful, especially if you have a fish tank you’re looking to move into a new home. Since over 11.5 million households in the U.S. own a fish tank, we wanted to provide some insight into how you can safely move your fish tank hassle-free. While Meathead Movers cannot actually […]

Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season - Meathead Movers

Tips on moving during the holiday season

Holiday moving in a post-pandemic environment Moving during the Holiday season is potentially stressful enough, but adding in the COVID-19 pandemic factor can make the task seem downright scary. It’s important to know that, with extra care and planning, the below strategies can help to minimize any extra pandemic-related stress. Plan your holiday calendar  Even […]

How to spot and avoid a moving scam

How to spot (and avoid) a moving scam

You’re moving! What an exciting time, a time of new beginnings, new routines, and new environments. Moving can also be stressful, unfamiliar, and a lot of work (who knew you had so much stuff!) Your items have made your residence a home, and now it is time to move them. According to an AMSA finding, […]

Meathead Mover running down a moving truck ramp

How much to tip movers in 2021

Tipping is customary in the U.S. Providing a tip shows appreciation for those who have met or exceeded the standard when it comes to helping and providing us great customer service. Best practices in 2021 tell us that leaving 15% to 20% of the total amount in gratuity is the ideal range. It could also […]

Mover cleaning tools

Can I move during COVID-19?

In mid-March, it felt like our entire country stopped. Non-essential businesses closed their doors and everyone hunkered down to weather this pandemic together. There are, however, many things that kept moving forward – perhaps your escrow closing or your lease expiring. That’s where we come in. Moving is essential and we have made drastic changes […]

Three Meathead Movers loading boxes into the back of a moving truck

10 tips for moving out of your parents’ house

With increases in rent prices across the country, more and more Millenials move home after college. That way you can save money and prepare yourself for all the difficulties that come along with setting out on your own. Whether you’re 23 or 28, leaving home as an adult is an especially difficult and stressful process. […]

Meathead Mover setting up home protection supplies

Advice for moving during the holidays

As if the holiday season wasn’t busy enough, adding a move day to the schedule can make things particularly stressful. Don’t worry – we have you covered with our best advice on surviving the holidays and your big move. Plan your holiday calendar Even with a move, it doesn’t mean you should cancel the holidays […]