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Here at Meathead Movers we don’t just measure strength by how heavy you can lift or the size of your muscles. We take into account mental and personal strengths as well as work ethic. Meathead Movers employees will to rise to the occasion, but most importantly, they are looking to become future leaders. We provide a stepping stone job for movers to gain professional skills and leadership experience to work their way up within the company or prepare for their next professional endeavor.

  Strongest Man in Temecula Dumbell

What is the Meathead Goal Path?

“Our goal is to give our team members skills and mentoring that will make them stronger and equipped to achieve success in their lives.”

– Aaron Steed, CEO

Meathead Movers is delivering more than moving boxes; we are delivering a future to employees. As our business grows to expand service territories, we provide growth opportunities to employees who have been coached to open new branches. In September 2021, Meathead Movers opened, at the time, its 6th branch in Temecula Valley. When looking for the perfect person to open the branch, we turned to veteran Mover, Jeremy Simpson! Jeremy was the perfect fit to carry on the legacy of Meathead Movers in Temecula Valley as the Operations Manager.

Building a new branch from the ground up is no easy task! In true Meathead fashion, it took sweat, grit, and some serious muscle to open the new branch. There are many reasons for its success: community, location, opportunity, but most importantly strong leadership! The Temecula team is under direct supervision of Operations Manager Jeremy Simpson. We witnessed Jeremy lead the Temecula branch to ongoing success as they exceeded company expectations. That is why in our eyes Jeremy Simpson is the strongest man in Temecula.

Meet Jeremy Simpson

Jeremy Simpson grew up in Morgantown West Virginia while completing High School and College in Washington state. Jeremy was a star athlete playing soccer and snowboarding. He continues to take his physical and mental strength seriously! No matter how demanding his professional life can become, he prioritizes a healthy routine of eating a nutritious diet, getting a good night’s sleep, and scheduling regular exercise, whether that be indoors or outdoors. In addition, he values work life balance while maintaining his relationships and attending social gatherings to enjoy his family and friends.

How physically strong is Jeremy Simpson?

Strongest Man in Temecula Ropes

In true Meathead fashion, Jeremy is committed to working on his physical strength by lifting at the gym. He isn’t a fan of one rep maxes but is confident he can lift 600 lbs! He can bench press 315 lbs, squat 405 lbs, and deadlift 495 lbs!

All this consistent lifting gives him the foundation to be able to lift some of the heaviest pieces of furniture for Meathead Movers clients. For example, Jeremy remembers one of the heaviest pieces of furniture he has lifted – a 8’ by 4’ by 3” glass top dining room table. The shape and weight of the table made it tedious to move outside and utilize the ramp when it was already challenging to lift off the ground! Jeremy loves thinking back on when an extremely heavy hutch had to be forklifted over a balcony because another crew could not get it down stairs after he had moved the hutch into the clients home! He takes pride in receiving phone calls from grateful clients questioning how he moved their heavy objects.

How emotionally strong is Jeremy Simpson?

However, being physically strong, isn’t Jeremy’s main characteristics or purpose. He is dedicated, creative, considerate, disciplined, courageous and detail oriented. Jeremy believes there is a lot more to being physically strong. To exude strength, you need the courage to never give up. He aims to have the mental ability to have faith and confidence in himself. It is important to always remain positive and continue to march forward with his head held high. He isn’t afraid to make mistakes or take a loss because he knows that challenges make us stronger.

Jeremy began working at Meathead Movers in 2014 as an athlete mover. During his time at Meathead, Jeremy has developed an inspiring outlook on the company, the opportunities that are presented, as well as the ideal mover that will go far in life:

“Being a mover is not for everyone. The best movers in the game are physically active, great at problem solving in high-stress situations, provide high-quality customer service, and take pride in everything they do.”

– Jeremy Simpson, Temecula Operations Manager

Jeremy can attest to the coaching mentality Meathead Movers presents and values. He started as a athlete mover, and with Meathead coaching he has become an Operations Manager. Using his learned problem solving and leadership skills, he was ready to take on the challenge of opening a new branch.

Jeremy’s journey to Operations Manager

To become an Operations Manager for Meathead Movers means you are ready to take on the accounting, hiring, training, claims, human resources, and leadership responsibilities for the branch. Jeremy did just this with refinement and ease. He was excited for the new challenge and to prove himself in a professional capacity. With his work ethic he persevered through the hardships and came out on top winning!

It takes hard work and dedication to be a successful Operations Manager at a new branch. There has to be an attention to detail to deliver premium service to a new clientele demographic, and lead a fresh team to keep succeeding. With that, you must have patience and understand that there will be wins, losses, ups and downs. Jeremy understands, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint to open a new branch.”

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial. Jeremy’s passion for Meathead Movers company values motivates him to be an ambassador for the brand. Not only does he find satisfaction in growing his future within the company, but he finds his role as Operations Manager extremely rewarding as he helps his team build their future and get stronger. He greatly enjoys building and developing his team members by creating real life educational experiences. Jeremy leads by example and is extraordinary at sharing his knowledge, experience, and Meathead training. His emotional intelligence offers support in having empathy and compassion for his team members. He engages in open and honest conversations on regular basses to be transparent, but most importantly learn where he needs to go next with his coaching.

What the strongest man in Temecula is bringing to the community

Meathead Movers was founded in San Luis Obispo in 1997 and has grown to be loved in that market. There are many similarities between San Luis Obispo and Temecula Valley. They share the similar wine county ambiance, but most importantly they both have a small-town feel. With that, Temecula has a charming appeal and is attracting many to move to the area. This was one of the most appealing things to Meathead Movers, but most importantly Jeremy!

Not only are we offering a premium moving experience to Temecula Valley, but the company also supports the community in more ways than one. Meathead Movers has made a long-standing commitment to put an end to domestic violence. The company is a leader in its MoveToEndDV national campaign and recently partnered with SAFE Family Justice Center of Riverside County to provide free moves for victims of domestic violence locally. In addition, Meathead Movers offers aid in disaster relief and sponsorships for local sports and performing arts programs. Most importantly, Meathead Movers offers job opportunities that provides leadership training to benefit employees and their future.

Meathead Movers is the largest independent moving company in California. We have managed to grow rapidly, while maintaining strong company core values and delivering the 5-star customer service that our company was built on. The movers are the best in the game and held to high company standards through daily coaching and regular reviews. Jeremy stands by his team with confidence. He not only loves them but knows that Temecula Valley will thoroughly enjoy their experience with Meathead Movers.

Support Jeremy and his team by booking your service with Meathead Movers today. Call (951) 501-8866 or visit to receive your free personalized quote!

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