Tips on moving during the holiday season

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Holiday moving in a post-pandemic environment

Moving during the Holiday season is potentially stressful enough, but adding in the COVID-19 pandemic factor can make the task seem downright scary. It’s important to know that, with extra care and planning, the below strategies can help to minimize any extra pandemic-related stress.

Plan your holiday calendar 

Even with a move, it doesn’t mean you should cancel the holidays completely. Taking a break from packing and organizing logistics for some holiday festivities is the perfect way to relax. As soon as you have your move day, organize your holiday plans around it. We recommend at least 3-to-4 weeks of planning time in order to leisurely prepare for the arrival of your movers. Want to free up even more time for holiday festivities? You can count on Meathead Packers to arrive before your move to prepare you for the big day!

Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season - Meathead Movers

Moving nationwide? Be mindful of possible weather changes

If you happen to be embarking on a long distance move, be sure to consider the possible change in climate, depending on where you are moving. For example if you were moving from California to Minnesota, during the winter, you’d want to make sure your warm weather clothes were easily accessible upon your chilly arrival! Take the worry out of nationwide moving, by letting us do the hard work for you.

Provide a change of address with your holiday cards

Save on double postage by announcing your big move to friends and family via your holiday card. If possible, place your new address inside the cards you’re already sending out for the holiday season.

Try to minimize extra trips to the store

In this post-pandemic environment, when we’re all trying to minimize contact, try to limit any extra trips to the store when gathering your moving supplies. A great tip is to simply buy more supplies than you anticipate needing, and then simply return any extras after you’re finished packing. This is a better solution than running to the store 4 or 5 extra times while only buying a few more items on each trip. Additionally, most large home improvement stores have expanded their typical product return windows, allowing for greater purchasing flexibility.

Donate items to local charities

When packing for a move, it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking to donate some of your gently used items. What better time than the holidays to donate old sweaters, blankets and toys to a local nonprofit. The items that you’re donating will likely help many less fortunate people during the winter months. However, before you leave, be sure to check out the pandemic procedures at your local donation site.

Clean items as you pack

Take the time to clean, or at least wipe off, items as you get them carefully packed away. Even though it’s all “your stuff”, there is no benefit to transporting germs and dust to your new destination. Imagine that warm and fuzzy feeling, when unpacking all the precious items at your new home, knowing that everything is already clean.

Set aside the holiday essentials

Keep one box set aside that will make you feel settled during the holidays. Whether it’s a holiday wreath for the door or your waffle iron for Christmas morning, keeping your holiday essentials easy-to-access can help give you that “home sweet home” feeling no matter where you are.

Give yourself the gift of movers and packers

We might be biased, but we believe the greatest gift you could give someone moving during the holidays is Meathead Movers. To enjoy a stress free move this holiday season, give us a call! We will be the extra set of hands you need to allow you to focus on holiday events with friends and family.

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