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10 questions to ask a moving company

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Unfortunately horror stories about NEW and unethical moving companies are far to frequent in this day and age. Every single year thousands of complaints are filed against moving companies for unethical practices. However, there are great moving companies that will make your relocation as easy and as stress free as possible.

The good news is hiring a moving company does not have to be a roll of the dice.  With proper planning, and by asking numerous companies the right questions, there is a much greater chance your moving experience will be a pleasant one.

Ask these ten questions to rule out a “fly by night” moving company

1. What is your company’s breakage-to-move ratio?

If a company is not tracking how often they are breaking their clients furniture and constantly trying to improve there breakage to move ratio, they probably don’t care about breaking your furniture.

2. How can your company save me money and why?

When moving locally (within a 100 mile radius) all moving companies charge on an hourly rate.  The efficiency and hustle of the movers you choose dramatically effects time, and therefore how much you pay at the end of the day.   It is better to know all the charges which will apply, before your move rather then after.  Moving companies often fail to inform you, the customer, of all the charges that are applicable.

  • What are all of the extra costs that could possibly be involved with my move?
  • Are the movers efficient with their time? Why?
    • The faster the moving crew the more you will save!
  • What is double driving time?
  • All moving companies charge double driving time on local moves, but did they tell you?

3. Are my items insured or does that cost extra?

Yes, most moving companies in the phone book are “insured” but that doesn’t mean your furniture will get replaced if the movers damage it.  The moving industry term for coverage for your precious belongings is “valuation“, and all but the most basic of coverage costs additional money.

4. What proactive measures has your company taken to reduce the chance of there being damage?

Ask about the quality of their equipment and the experience they have.

5. What incentive programs are in place to encourage the movers to provide me with excellent service?

If there is no incentive for the movers to do a great job for you, do you think that they will?

6. What is your company’s hiring process?

Does the company’s have a hiring process to prevent ex-cons and druggies from coming into your home? Does the company ever hire temporary labor? If the company hires temporary labor you might as well go to the swap meet and offer the first person you see $15.00 and an energy drink to move your furniture.

7. What hygiene standards do you have for your movers?

Some companies have hygiene standards for their employees and some companies do not.  Which company would you rather have?

8. Does your management follow up with me after the move?

Any company that cares about the service they offer their clients, will check up on their work.

9. Has your company won any awards for excellent customer service?

The happier the customers have been in the past with the service the more likely you will be.

10. Does your company have any training programs? What are they like?

The more training, the better quality of service you will receive. This is common sense people.

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