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Meathead Movers is here to take care of the heavy lifting for you on your move to Sanger Movers. Our clean-cut student athlete movers are ready to get you safely settled into your new Sanger Movers home.

Enjoy the town of Sanger after your move. (Photo courtesy of Bobak Ha'Eri).

Sanger Movers

Enjoy the town of Sanger after your move. (Photo courtesy of Bobak Ha'Eri).Meathead Movers is proud to be your Sanger moving company!

Known as The Nation’s Christmas Tree City, Sanger is a small city located just 13 miles outside of Fresno, California. Families moving to Sanger will find that the city offers much more than just the famed General Grant tree. The city also offers a wealth of family-oriented recreation, education and entertainment opportunities. For those looking to make the move, working with professional Sanger movers is a great way to cut down the stress of relocating.

Sanger was incorporated in the early 20th century after serving as an important stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad line. Though the railroad is no longer a primary economic driver, the original depot has been converted into a museum that residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting. The museum boasts exhibits on everything from life in early Sanger, to the native people of the area, to information on local flora and fauna.

Thanks to its temperate Mediterranean climate and many outdoors recreation opportunities, Sanger is a popular destination for many families and outdoor enthusiasts. The city lies about an hour from King’s Canyon National Park, where visitors can see striking sequoias and redwoods. The city hosts an annual Blossom Trail Run the first Saturday in March to celebrate the Central Valley’s rich agricultural history.

While Sanger itself is relatively small, moving to the area can still have its difficulties. At Meathead Movers, we are here to take the work out of relocating by acting as your Sanger movers of choice. Our employees are all clean-cut friendly student athletes. We believe in making the most of your time, so we jog when we are not carrying your possessions.

In addition to hiring only the best moving staff, we use state-of-the-art technology in our offices to ensure that your local, long-distance, and commercial moves go smoothly. If you need a little help getting ready ahead of time, you can call on our Princess Packers to box up your possessions. Our moving concierge can even put you in touch with service providers and utility companies in your new area. We believe in what we do, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.

Moving to Sanger means moving to a welcoming family-centric community. At Meathead, we are proud to be your Sanger movers and are here to take the work out of relocating. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving! So contact us today for a free moving quote.

Meathead Movers received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Valerie K.

Local Residential Move from Sanger to Clovis

They were very professional, friendly and curious. They worked very quickly and took great care in handling of all items being moved.
We were extremely pleased with their service!

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Honest Moving Company reviews on Sanger Meathead Movers

34 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move from Sanger to Clovis

February 25, 2019

They were very professional, friendly and curious. They worked very quickly and took great care in handling of all items being moved. We were extremely pleased with their service!

No Transport Residential Move in Sanger

January 28, 2019

efficient and timely

Local Residential Move in Sanger

December 30, 2018

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Sanger

December 22, 2018

The young men were very professional and gentle with our items.

Long Distance Residential Move from Santa Maria to Sanger

December 09, 2018

Great young men. Each and everyone of them were polite, hardworking and attentive. They took a lot of the stress out of moving. Thank you!

Long Distance Residential Move from Sanger to Hollister

November 25, 2018

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Sanger

August 22, 2018

Local Residential Move in Sanger

July 25, 2018

Your representatives told me that you were a premier moving company that’s why you were a little more expensive, but yet failed me in these ways: 1. Couldn’t move two large refrigerators to the location in the home where they needed to be placed because they were not trained to remove the doors to allow passage thru doorways. They spent 30-45 minutes trying to move them with no result. This added to the moving time and extra charges for me. I have now hired someone else to move them at an additional cost to me. 2. Even though your estimator saw all items that needed to be moved the truck couldn’t accommodate everything which required me to move those items in my personal vehicles after the move. They said they couldn’t make two trips because it would require a new contract. 3. One of the items that could not be accommodated on the truck was a small side patio end table with tile inserts. They removed the tiles for loading and wrapped them in the blue blankets they were using. The table was unloaded from the truck to accommodate larger items I preferred to be loaded. The tiles were not delivered to the final destination and were not at the pickup location. Lost? 4. In the loading stage movers were carrying 3-4 boxes per trip to the truck yet during unloading they were carrying 1-2 boxes at a time. It felt like they were trying to stretch the time to add cost to the move. 5. A large armoire was unloaded first from the truck and placed partially blocking the front door until it could be moved in. This caused movers to have to maneuver around it with smaller items again adding unnecessary time use during the unload. 6. The headboard in the master bedroom was not reattached to the frame. I believe it was because they assembled the frame and it didn’t match up to the headboard holes. A premier mover would know that the frame would need to be adjusted to fit. I did and attached the headboard. 7. The final destination interior paint was newly applied. Nicks were made on the hall entry door frame. When I showed the team leader he just looked at me without offering a solution. 8. During the loading process at the first destination two workers had a 30 minute conversation about people they knew I’m common while Saran wrapping the furniture. I am sure this distraction would add time to the process. 9. During the unload when a TV stand was unwrapped the screws were not noticed and tossed into the Saran Wrap trash pile. Later when not found to remount the TV there was a 20-30 minute search to find them. I was asked if I had thrown away and Saran Wrap. I didn’t unwrap any items. These are my main concerns. What can you offer to compensate for my disappointment. I can be reached at (559)352-5272

Local Residential Move from Sanger to Madera

June 15, 2018

The experience was smooth beginning to final delivery. Estimate and policies was explained. Appointment was convenient. Movers arrived 20 minutes early to review the job and complete paper work, so their work began on time. Home and furniture protection was done well. On phone and in person the staff curtiuos and professional. We had large furniture that had to go down a narrow hall.

Local Residential Move from Sanger to Clovis

June 01, 2018

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