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If your future includes a move to Santa Barbara County, check out Meathead Movers! Our professionally trained student-athlete movers, moving concierge, and packers are prepared to get you safely moved into your new Santa Barbara County home.
When you make your move to Santa Barbara County, be sure to contact Meathead Movers. No matter what type of moving service you need, our student-athlete movers are ready to handle all your moving needs.

Santa Barbara County Movers

Explore Santa Barbara County after your move.From Hollywood movie stars to former presidents to land-grant ranchers, the pastoral sophistication of Santa Barbara County appeals to nearly everyone, even us movers! Meathead Movers first became part of Santa Barbara County in 2002 when we opened up a dispatch center for our moving crews in Santa Maria. We were warmly welcomed into the community, and quickly came to love the entire county, from the authentic, mouthwatering Mexican food in Guadalupe to lemon drops at Lucky’s in Montecito!

It’s not typical to have a county where you can go from champagne brunch at the Santa Barbara Biltmore to a hometown rodeo at the Santa Maria Elks Lodge in one afternoon. This juxtaposition of communities is never more clear than when you are a professional mover. We’ve done thousands of moves in Santa Barbara County, so we’ve been able to clearly see the range of opportunities and lifestyles this county offers.

In Northern Santa Barbara County, we have the opportunity to do some of the most touching and fun moves. With over 1,500 families living at Vandenberg Air Force Base–or as the residents like to call it “Vandyland”–we help military families with their relocations. The cities of Santa Maria and Orcutt attract many young families due to reasonable home prices and new city developments, while still maintaining a “small town” feel. We move many families into their first homes, and it’s always such an honor to be trusted to be right by our clients’ sides during their move to their first home. It’s not unusual for those moves to end with a round of hugs–priceless!

Did you ever think moving could be described as glamourous? Well, it can be when you are doing moves on the American Riviera. The sprawling estates of Montecito and the beachfront manors of Hope Ranch have all been moved by Meathead Movers. Our student-athlete movers are just as at home on imported marble floors as they are on sport courts.

From the Santa Barbara Bowl, to the Santa Maria Speedway, to the University of California Santa Barbara, to the Fire Academy at Allan Hancock, Santa Barbara County has so much to offer. Whether you are choosing the down home feel of Northern Santa Barbara County or the breezy sophistication of Southern Santa Barbara County, we’re here to support you along the way. Our services range from local movinglong distance movingpacking and even on-site moving, to rearranging your home/office or loading rental trucks. We know moving is stressful, but it’s our job to ease your transition. We look forward to moving you!

We have been revolutionizing the moving industry since 1997.  When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured that your move will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.

If you are moving to or from Santa Barbara County anytime soon, call or contact Meathead Movers to learn more about our services. Our friendly staff will also be more than happy to give you a free, no-obligation moving quote.

Moving to Santa Barbara County? Here are some helpful resources.

Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce

104 W Anapamu St
Santa Barbara, CA

County of Santa Barbara

(805) 681-4200

Santa Barbara County Education Office

4400 Cathedral Oaks Road P.O. Box 6307
Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6307
(805) 964-4711

Southern California Gas Company

1004 w Arlington Ave#c
Anaheim, CA 92801
(800) 427-2200

Southern California Edison

P.O. Box 6400
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
(800) 655-4555

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Marisol D.

Local Commercial Move from Santa Barbara to Santa Barbara

Guys did a great job and were very professional and careful with everything!

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Local Residential Move in Santa Barbara

November 18, 2019

Local Residential Move from Santa Maria to Lompoc

November 15, 2019

Moving guys were great: on time, communicated well, competent/careful with my things (wrapping, loading & unloading); asked questions to be sure things were put where I wanted them. cheerful, couteous professional, competent. Well worth it to hire quality movers.

No Transport Residential Move in Santa Maria

November 14, 2019

Lovely girls, very sweet, professional in interactions... But would prefer staff with more experience in how pack items and fill boxes tightly. I took them on tour of premises, showed them ALL the materials I had on hand, pre-packed boxes in old packing from 2 yr ago in garage, made some suggestions, and let them go to work. After about 50 min I looked at what had gotten done and HOW, then intervened to start packing stuff myself, since it didn't appear like it was getting done efficiently. {{FYI--- I had originally planned to pack myself, so I had a ton of packing materials already on hand (6 rolls of tape, masking tape, two boxes of clean newsprint, brown paper space filler paper, airbag fillers, bubblewrap, a heap of brown paper shopping bags -- good both for packing and for filling spaces in boxes; a special box for stemware with the foam sleeves for my good wineglasses...had several large plastic tubs (for small appliances) and quite a few heavy duty boxes, albeit mostly medium sized, which based on their 'training' might have thrown them off on how to utilize them effectively).... and they mostly used those, but not in the best way... }} For instance, at one point I looked in kitchen, saw shelves had been emptied... saw my special box for stemware sitting there...,empty... looked at pile of boxes... and said (paraphrasing) "so, where are my wine glasses?" Young lady pointed to small Meathead box, and said, "I put them in a small box". To which I said, "why didn't you use the stemware box, with all the cardboard dividers? Sleeves?" She apparently had not seen such a box before or been trained on how to use it.... SO, what I am saying is this: they were nice. Were well intended. Worked pretty hard, were NOT on phones or dilly dallying or anything like that...just young, inexperienced, didn't make the best use of the available materials... sort of more 'mindless' as in 'use small boxes' rather than looking at materials or stopping to ask. Before they left, I had to walk through and get some boxes closed up that were left sort of semi open and not taped shut... I didn't want to be MEAN, they were doing their best, but just wasn't happy with a perceived lack of attention, sort of 'work by rote' approach rather than looking at situation/querying me abt things...maybe I am too harsh in expecting a walkthru to show materials was sufficient to leave them to their own devices... Suggestion: Its HARD sending young staff into peoples' homes, period: situations may be different than their training has prepared them for. Maybe in addn to hiring students/inexperienced staff, you should consider pairing them with some older experienced people? Granted I may be more demanding, have greater expectations than some people, but I think a little more training in communication (abt use of materials) (when to stop and ASK a client about preferences) and materials use would be helpful... I just, perhaps unfairly, expected MORE from a company that offers this somewhat costly specialty service, than if I hired young relatives or random neighbors' kids... sorry. Again, THEY WERE NICE,THEY WERE PROFESSIONAL, just not enough experience...

Interstate Residential Move from Santa Maria to Henderson

November 12, 2019

Everything was more than we expected. A good company with excellent employees.

No Transport Residential Move in Orcutt

November 12, 2019

No Transport Residential Move in Santa Ynez

November 09, 2019

Local Residential Move from Santa Barbara to Solvang

November 08, 2019

No Transport Residential Move in Santa Barbara

November 07, 2019

No Transport Residential Move in Santa Barbara

November 06, 2019

Long Distance Residential Move from Ventura to Santa Maria

November 05, 2019

The movers were very on top of everything ,they did a wonderful job moving my mom from Ventura County to Santa Maria.I highly recommend these gentlemen. When I spoke to David from the Fresno office he was very polite very outgoing had a great personality and he really took care of me on the phone and I really appreciate that.I really hope that David services don't go unrecognized. DAVID is a real asset to your team with Meathead Movers. Thank you so much Doug Spohn.

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