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Donald B.

Local Commercial Move in Fresno

September 28, 2022

The guys were great. Worked hard and always very polite.

Jim K.

Local Residential Move from Cambria to Morro Bay

September 28, 2022

From start to finish it was perfect Way beyond our expections

Morgan J.

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Madera

September 28, 2022

Brandi S.

No Transport Commercial Move in San Luis Obispo

September 28, 2022

Jenny B.

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

September 28, 2022

Kris and Jacob were amazing! They hustled and I couldn't be happier.

Andrew M.

No Transport Residential Move in Ontario

September 27, 2022

Showed up with no blankets, apparently no dollies (they used mine and near the end used one of theres), staged items near elevator on dollies so we were without dollies for long periods, had no tools and the team that came to pack our stuff a few days before pack our tools so we had to run to lowes and buy tools to disassemble our bed frames. We were packing a POD and truck and they kept mixing up what went where. I told them boxes last since they could be stored at a families house where furniture couldn't. They packed boxes first and we ran out of room in the pod and had to throw away $100s of furniture. Nothing was wrapped or protected in the pod and while trying to get as much as possible in the POD some shelves fell and broke our dining room chairs. And some of the boxes I needed on the truck were loaded on the POD so now I have to pay $150 to have the POD redelivered, unload it myself to get the boxes I need, then reload and try and protect the furniture, then pay $150 to get it picked back up before its shipped. The main guy with glasses (I can't remember their names) was quiet and seemed overwhelmed, the other 2 had great attitudes but it seems like your training needs lots of work on protecting furniture and TVs (I had to wrap our TVs in our bath towels to try and protect them). I will be calling as soon to demand a full refund, not only did they guys who came do a really bad job, the sales associate I spoke with way underestimated the number of people needed, we had 3 movers and should have 5 at a minimum (I repeatedly told them how long the walk was from the apt to the elevator) which added hours to the move and lead to me needing to come back the next day to finish which added $200 in additional costs to the uhaul rental I had. Not a single thing went right.

Dustin D.

Local Residential Move in Temecula

September 27, 2022

The whole customer service was great, your employees listen!!!!!

Cerene S.

No Transport Residential Move in Solvang

September 27, 2022

Sydney H.

Local Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

September 27, 2022

Our movers themselves were so nice and helpful Unfortunately, they were not able to move one of the pieces of equipment we needed moved. They were a half hour later than expected. And we were charged $200 more than the original quote. Maybe if they had more information on the size of pieces we needed moved they would have been able to complete the job. Now after paying them quite a bit of money we have to shell out more to finish the job. I am disappointed.

Bill T.

Local Residential Move from Avila Beach to San Luis Obispo

September 27, 2022

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