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Available Moving Supplies

moving supplies cell kit

Cell Kit

A must have when packing a dishpack, perfect for packing glasses, plates, bowls, etc.

moving supplies dish pack

Dish Pack

5.0 cu.ft. (18" x 18" x 27")

moving supplies medium box

Medium Box

3.0 cu.ft. (18" x 18" x 16")

moving supplies medium/large box

Medium/Large Box

4.5 cu.ft. (18" x 18" x 24")

moving supplies mirror pack

Mirror Pack

37" x 4" x 30.5"

moving supplies small box

Small Box

1.5 cu.ft. (16.75" x 12.5" x 12.5")

moving supplies wardrobe bar

Wardrobe Bar

A "must have" when packing a wardrobe box.

moving supplies wardrobe box

Wardrobe Box

20 cu.ft. (20" x 20" x 45") Perfect for packing your closet!

moving supplies extra large box

Xtra-Large Box

6.0 cu.ft. (22" x 22" x 21-5/8")

Moving Supplies

moving supplies blank newsprint for packing


Chateau Newsprint, 10 lbs

moving supplies pink bubble wrap

Pink Bubble Wrap

12" x 85' Pink Bubble Wrap, 1 roll

Plastic wrap for sale

Plastic Wrap

Ultra Hi-Performance, 80 gauge. (20" x 1000 feet)

moving supplies ram board

Ram Board

Floor Protection (1 Roll = 36" x 50')

moving supplies packing tape


Tan tape (2" x 55 yd.)

moving supplies tape gun

Tape Gun

moving supplies white rope

White Rope

Mattress Bags

moving supplies full mattress bag

Full Mattress Bag

moving supplies king mattress bag

King Mattress Bag

moving supplies queen mattress bag

Queen Mattress Bag

moving supplies twin mattress bag

Twin Mattress Bag

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