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Downtown Paso RoblesEl Paso de Robles, or as locals call it, “Paso,” is a wonderful place to call home. If you’re looking for Paso Robles Movers, look no further. Meathead Movers was founded in 1997 just down the road from Paso, in the city of San Luis Obispo, and has been serving the North County ever since.

Paso Robles has been touted as California’s second Napa Valley and is proud to be the fastest growing wine region in the state. Paso has the perfect conditions for such wine grape varietals as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel and more. Quality of life continues to get better as the wine travel industry booms, bringing new exquisite restaurants, boutique hotels, and wonderful vineyard-surrounded bed and breakfasts.

If you’re moving to Paso Robles you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, as Paso has amongst the most affordable housing in all San Luis Obispo County. The city of Paso Robles has proven its dedication to smart sustainable growth, evident through the revitalization of the Town Centre, being bike friendly, and its river walk.

Paso Robles also hosts amazing annual events such as the Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival (aka “Zin Fest”) and the Mid-State Fair, which always has famous headliner performances and draws huge crowds from around the state.

So stop vacationing there and start looking for Paso Robles Movers! We offer both local and long-distance moving services that can move you to Paso Robles from anywhere in the state of California.

Our honest, all-American student-athletes are the best movers in the industry and our legendary hustle and customer service will leave you happy you chose us. On top of our first-class moving services, we also offer packing services, storage services, and a complimentary concierge service.

As the only Paso Robles Movers to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving! If you want a team of dedicated movers you can count on, contact us today for a free no-obligation moving quote.

Moving to Paso Robles? Here are some helpful resources.

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce

1225 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-0506

City of Paso Robles

1000 Spring Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 227-7276

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District

800 Niblick Road
Paso Robles, CA 93447
(805) 769-1000

Direc TV

139 Via Fuchsia
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(866) 558-6468

Paso Robles Water and Sewer

900 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 237-3996

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

406 Higuera Street
Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 546-5280

Charter Communications

270 Bridge Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(888) 438-2427

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Susan G.

Local Residential Move from Paso Robles to Templeton

All movers were kind and professional!

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633 total customer reviews

No Transport Residential Move in Paso Robles

August 16, 2018

Local Residential Move from Paso Robles to Templeton

August 10, 2018

All movers were kind and professional!

Local Residential Move from Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo

August 05, 2018

Local Residential Move in Paso Robles

August 03, 2018

No Transport Residential Move in Paso Robles

August 03, 2018

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles

August 01, 2018

Well, first and foremost, I have everything prepped and ready to go before the 2 guys showed up. The move was very simple, one king size mattress, frame, two night stands , a chest drawer and an entertaining center. I help the two guys all the way, carrying myself the two night stands, the frame, etc, inside the truck. In the process, the entertaining center received 3 deep scratches that really upset my wife.I decided not to report this because I felt sorry for the two guys, but this was unacceptable particularly because of the high price tag associated with this process ($ 500). and the fact that the physical labor was minimized by my labor. I also believe that you, as a company, should disclose the hidden cost. I say this in your best interest. let me explain. I knew i have allocated 3 hours for the move. we started at 9 am sharp last saturday. by 9.28 am (yes, 9.28 am, 28 min later, you read it right) the truck was fully loaded and ready to go. It took the truck 1 h and 2 min to go from SLO to Paso Robles. the trip, withough traffic, is exactly 30 min. Factoring in that this was a truck that has to go over the Cuesta Grade i was thinking, well, perhaps 45 min. No. It was north of 1 h. They said they have to stop by the main warehouse for 15 min, but that does not add up. We finished everything in Paso (including the delay) at 11 am. that is 2 hours of work. they said we finished at 2.75 hs. (still below 3 hs, granted but this came as a surprise). I am assuming this is because they have to factor in the drive back to SLO? if that is the case, you guys should disclose this. I know there is dumb people out there that would not catch up this and i also know that there is people that would pay for your service without complaints but there is plenty of people like me that see these things and talk about it.... a lot of fellow faculty members advised me not to go with Meatheads and now i see why. I am disappointed and i do not feel all the money I pay was worth. I am not trying to be crass or to hurt your feelings, if everything I hope my review helps improving your service so you can remain local and can keep hiring college students. But you need to fix the aforementioned issues . thanks Federico Casassa

Local Residential Move from San Miguel to Paso Robles

August 01, 2018

Local Commercial Move from Paso Robles to San Luis Obispo

July 31, 2018

All the young men were so polite and ready to work, even when it was a bit confusing to start. Could not have completed the work without them. Thank you guys!

No Transport Residential Move in Paso Robles

July 29, 2018

Our service yesterday was exceptional!

Local Residential Move from Cambria to Paso Robles

July 29, 2018

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