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After your move, take a stroll through downtown Arroyo Grande.While much of California’s coast is densely populated, there are still a few quaint cities that have managed to retain less of an urban feel. One such option is Arroyo Grande, a smaller municipality located along the central California coast.

With a population under 20,000, Arroyo Grande has the feel of a small town while still having the coastal location that draws so many people to the area. For those who would like to make this city home, be sure to invest in the right Arroyo Grande movers to streamline the process.

Arroyo Grande was originally home to the Chumash tribe. The town was officially formed in 1862 and incorporated in 1911. Today locals enjoy the charming historic village and the plentiful shops for antiques, hand crafted jewelry and more.

The swinging bridge is Arroyo Grande’s most famous site, although many people also enjoy the Heritage House and Museum. The city is regarded for its Strawberry Festival and the Arroyo Grande Valley Car Show.

Settling in Arroyo Grande is clearly no hardship. However, making the move can be difficult if the right Arroyo Grande movers are not employed. Thankfully, Meathead Movers is a wonderful option, providing moving services all throughout California.

Whether the move is local, long distance, or commercial, Meathead Movers has what is necessary to complete the move without stress. For added convenience, Meathead Movers also offers packing and storage services, and we can be contracted to complete commercial moves and on-site relocations.

This wide range of services is compelling, but there are more reasons to trust Meathead Movers. Many moving companies have low standards but Meathead Movers recruits only the most respectable student athletes. Employees are held to rigorous standards, completing training at Meathead University and abstain from smoking and drugs, both on and off the job.

Employees are also trained to practice our signature Meathead HUSTLE, which has our movers jogging when not carrying anything. This distinction not only shows our dedication but ensures that your move is completed quickly and efficiently for maximum convenience.

While there are many Arroyo Grande movers, none can compare to Meathead Movers. With high quality services and thoroughly trained employees, Meathead Movers stands out in all the best ways. Please contact us today for a free quote and see how Meathead Movers can simplify your move.



Moving to Arroyo Grande? Here are some helpful resources.

Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce

800A West Branch Street
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 489-1488

City of Arroyo Grande

214 East Branch Street
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 473-5400

Lucia Mar Unified School District

602 Orchard Street
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 474-3000

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital

345 South Halcyon Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 489-4261

Rural Water Company

1546 West Branch Street
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 481-8432

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

406 Higuera Street
Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 546-5280

Charter Communications

270 Bridge Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(888) 438-2427

San Luis Garbage Company

2945 McMillan Avenue, # 136
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 543-0875

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Allison W.

No Transport Residential Move from Arroyo Grande to Arroyo Grande

Amazing all around!

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753 total customer reviews

No Transport Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

August 02, 2019

No Transport Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

August 02, 2019

No Transport Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

July 29, 2019

Amazing all around!

Local Residential Move from Cambria to Arroyo Grande

July 18, 2019

Local Residential Move from Arroyo Grande to Oceano

July 13, 2019

Friendliness, Alacrity, Strength, Carefulness ...

No Transport Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

July 06, 2019

Very organized and courteous. My service coordinator was responsive and helpful with all of my many questions. The packers were on time and nice, and I loved how Meathead sent the photos of who would be cool.

Local Residential Move in Arroyo Grande

July 02, 2019

Local Residential Move from Arroyo Grande to Santa Maria

July 01, 2019

Princess Packers and the Meathead Movers were ontime, polite, professional and very hard workers. They represent you well, and are fine young people.

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Arroyo Grande

July 01, 2019

Take pix or video of things that are disassembled, file pdfs or iMovies with client, so that when reassembled some time later, there's a record of what it looked at start, the disassembly process, and some verbal comment. You moved me at the end of February, put stuff in storage until I found a place to live, then moved me to my new location at the end of June. In those 4 months, there was only one person common between the two crews, and he was not the one who took the bed apart. When reassembled this week, the underbed wiring was screwed up so that it's still not connected. It runs low voltage underbed lighting that can no longer be used. The bed also turned out uneven along the top of the head board and its join with the end tables. Nobody had an answer as to what it was that had gone wrong. Also the crews, between the two of them, lost a foot for one side of the head board that may have contributed to the unevenness, but nobody took responsibility, there were no spare parts that might've worked on the truck. The feet of furniture can fall off, or get knocked off easily. Also, it was way too optimistic to do this move in one day with the crew provided. They worked until about 8 pm, and the inevitable mental mistakes occurred. Dirty handprints on freshly painted interior walls, gouge in wall of stairwell, and so on. This only happened when everyone was overly tired.

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Arroyo Grande

June 30, 2019

The guys made our moving day so much easier! They were friendly, efficient, polite, kind and professional. It was like having a group of good friends help us move! We so appreciate the team you sent: Cody, Freddy and Caden led a great team of 10 guys total and we very much appreciate their hard work and effort. They even helped us place our furniture and set up rooms so we could enjoy our new house that day! We are very grateful!:)

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