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Cambria Movers

Moving to Cambria?

Meathead Movers is here to take care of the heavy lifting for you on your move to Cambria. Our clean-cut student athlete movers are ready to get you safely settled into your new Cambria home.

After your move to Cambria be sure to check out Moonstone Beach. (Picture Courtesy of Mr. Phil Price)

Cambria Movers

After your move to Cambria be sure to check out Moonstone Beach. (Picture Courtesy of Mr. Phil Price)If you are moving to or from Cambria, we are the moving company for you!  Our professionally trained student-athlete movers and our moving concierge service are here to help you with every stage of your move in Cambria.

Situated on the beautiful California Central Coast, Cambria is a picturesque village that charms all those who visits. From scenic hikes with views of the coast and the majestic elephant seals to strolling through Hearst Castle like royalty, there is plenty to see and do in Cambria. Residents and visitors will also enjoy taking a step back in time at Nitt Witt Ridge, or finishing off their evening with fine dining and wine tasting.

If you are considering calling this coastal paradise your home, Meathead Movers is here to help. Our moving company specializes in local, long-distance, and commercial moves to, from, and within Cambria. We also provide reliable packing, storage, on-site relocations, and our distinctive moving concierge service, which connects you with local service providers.

All our student-athlete movers are thoroughly screened and trained before their very first move.  With branches not just in Cambria, but all throughout California, we are your one stop resource for all your moving needs, no matter where your California move takes you.

We have been revolutionizing the moving industry since 1997.  When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured knowing that your move will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.

In fact, you can see what your neighbors in Cambria have to say about us! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving! So contact us today for a free no-obligation moving quote and to learn how we can help you on your next move!

Moving to Cambria? Here are some helpful resources.

Cambria Chamber of Commerce

767 Main Street
Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-3624

Charter Communications

270 Bridge Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(888) 438-2427

Cambria Community Services District

1316 Tamsen Street
Suite 201
Cambria, CA 93428


406 Higuera Street
Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(800) 743-5000

Meathead Movers received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Jill K.

Local Residential Move from Cambria to Ragged Point

I thought during the outbreak of COVID-19 that the guys would have gloves and masks on but no they didn’t other than that they did a great job but I am concerned

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Honest Moving Company reviews on Cambria Meathead Movers

205 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move from Cambria to Ragged Point

May 18, 2020

I thought during the outbreak of COVID-19 that the guys would have gloves and masks on but no they didn’t other than that they did a great job but I am concerned

No Transport Residential Move in Cambria

May 13, 2020

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Cambria

March 23, 2020

The entire crew led by Zach was professional and really got the job done well and efficiently.

No Transport Residential Move in Cambria

March 13, 2020

Local Residential Move from Cambria to San Luis Obispo

March 08, 2020

Great group of movers! Zach. Adam. Paris. And the others were all great. Rachel at reception when I arrived at the storage facility was so helpful. Everyone extremely professional and nice and most of all wick efficient move!

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Cambria

March 02, 2020

Local Residential Move in Cambria

February 13, 2020

Your service was efficient. The 2 men were very courteous and careful. I give them a 10. There seemed to be way too much paperwork. Moving a refrigerator from one address to another a couple of miles away was a simple, uncomplicated endeavor. I signed the paperwork online, then I was required to sign the same forms on site. Certainly not any fault of the 2 movers. The estimate included $50 for ram boards which were not used. Although the paperwork showed I received a "discounted" rate,$178.35 seemed excessive to move 1 item. It's done and I thank you for your service.

Local Residential Move in Cambria

January 29, 2020

On time, efficient, trustworthy, professional & friendly.

Long Distance Residential Move from Cambria to Newbury Park

January 29, 2020

LOADING AND UNLOADING ( JAN 26 & JAN 27) We can;t say enough in connection of how Josh and Zack worked with their team loading our boxes and furniture from Cambria for delivery to our storage unit and residence, both of which were located Thousand Oaks. Both Josh and Zack were highly professional in every aspect of what was a stressful move for us . Their manners and attention to detail were flawless and their energy levels defies description. You are lucky to have them on your team. PACKING Although Stephanie and her team of Jeff and Sierra worked well together, we experienced a couple of red flags. During the initial walk through we told then which items were going to our storage unit and which items were to be delivered to our apartment complex 5 miles away. When we took their order for lunch , we noticed that some of the boxes were not marked appropriately and mentioned that to Stephanie . She said that she would make sure the they would be corrected. Running out of bubble wrap and not having enough wardrobe boxes does not appear to be their problem, (perhaps just a bad original estimate) but they made due with additional boxes and use of some of our excess towels and beach blankets worked out . The big problem took p;ace while we were eating dinner 2 hours after they left. We noticed that the destination of 2 of the boxes were not listed and after a more thorough look at all of the boxes, we concluded that too many boxes were going to our tiny apartment . Based on the description we checked out every box listed by the packers as scheduled for the apartment that appeared to be addressed to the wrong location and concluded that 15 of them were labeled to the wrong destination after we opened them we re-marked them and re taped therm . Each of us spent 3 hours from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM correcting the mistakes During this process we left a telephone message to the Meathead office. Jeff was pleasant and asked us many questions in connection with the packing. Sierra seemed to have an attitude but that could be attributed to her youth and lack of experience. Stephanie, who was captain should have followed up on Sierra's work , given her lack of experience. In our opinion, $250 an hour (for the 3 of them) for 7 hours of work was a lot of money for a group the was that young on experience. Chris called us the next morning just as the 6 movers came to our home so we did not have enough time finish our conversation. Offering us a 10% discount on a $2,200 charge (before the the $650 discount) is not commensurate with the time and effort we put in tpo correct their mistakes after we found their error. Since what we were charge, which equated to $85 an hour per person, we should receive a credit of $500 that equates to 6 hours of our labor to correct their mistakes. You probably can not imagine what would have happened if we did not catch this error. You would have to have a truck drive from your facility to our apartment and take the 15 boxes to our storage unit. . We look forward to hearing from you in connection with this issue. Ali & Mark Kramer (805) 241-2838 [email protected]

No Transport Residential Move in Cambria

January 28, 2020

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