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Pacific Grove Movers

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Pacific Grove Movers

Meathead Movers offers a comprehensive range of moving services, fully equipped to make Pacific Grove your new residence. Our well-trained athlete movers are committed to meeting all your moving requirements with efficiency.

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Moving to a new area, even one as delightful as Pacific Grove, can bring about a bit of nervousness for any family. But by choosing Meathead Movers, you can be confident that your move will be smooth, secure, and efficient!

What can new residents look forward to in Pacific Grove? Starting with a strong commitment to sustainability, the area offers recreational activities like hiking, biking, nature trails, and stunning beaches. Families can enjoy visits to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, take leisurely strolls through Lover’s Point Park, or delve into the town’s history at the Point Pinos Lighthouse.

Relocating to Pacific Grove means embracing life in a charming seaside community with a rich historical backdrop, conveniently located near major cities such as San Jose and Fresno. Its family-friendly atmosphere draws numerous tourists every year, presenting a golden opportunity for those looking to venture into a new business. Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves right at home, with access to beautiful parks and outdoor spaces like the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail.

If Pacific Grove is your future home, Meathead Movers is ready to assist you. While some movers may only provide basic services, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to fit any moving need.

Our company excels in local, long-distance, and commercial relocations to, from, and within Pacific Grove. We also offer dependable packing, storage, on-site moving solutions, and our distinctive moving concierge service.

We’re dedicated to providing unique benefits that stand out from the competition. Our professional, clean-cut athlete Pacific Grove movers understand the importance of working quickly and efficiently during your move.

Since 1997, we’ve been innovating the moving industry. Trusting your move to Meathead means you’ll enjoy a successful relocation thanks to our professionally trained athlete movers, who are among the best in the business.

Ready to move to Pacific Grove? Looking for a moving experience that comes with a commitment to excellence and unique offerings like a money-back guarantee? Get a free no-obligation moving quote today!

Moving to Pacific Grove?

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce

584 Central Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

City Of Pacific Grove

300 Forest Ave Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Pacific Grove Unified School District

435 HIllcrest Ave Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Our Reviews

At Meathead Movers, we are always honest with our current and prospecting clients and never filter our ratings.

Moving Company Reviews on Meathead Movers

29,183+ reviews

Robert D.

Long Distance Move from Oceano to Pacific Grove

Everything was great. Amazing service from start to end. If we move in the future I will be using meathead movers.

Laila G.

No Transport Move in Monterey

used twice so far nice compliant employees lift very heavy desk, arrange furniture in a few different positions when I am not sure how it should go

Gail C.

No Transport Move in Salinas

1. Movers from Fresno, Brett and Alexis, both had outstanding customer service skills when interacting with my husband and I. They were courteous, friendly and professional.
2. They are the face of your company and they impressed us with taking direction well, confirmed the directions we gave them and kept us aware of our allotted time so we could concentrate on what was most important to be done.
3. They deserve a bonus!
4. Sarah and Breanna are assets to your company! They are both patient, courteous and were very helpful in answering all my questions the many times I had called each of them. They always had a positive attitude when interacting with me. I appreciated them calling their supervisor/manager to accommodate our needs to provide us with the best moving experience with the company. They deserve a bonus also.

We will most definitely recommend your company to others!

Melissa H.

Local Move from Pacific Grove to Salinas

My movers were excellent. Hardworking, polite, great guys! I highly recommend the team of Omar Enriquez and Angel Hernandez. They made my move a breeze!

Ed M.

Local Move from Salinas to Pacific Grove

Fast, on time, efficient, great people, do it all to make it best possible; hard to beat that! Romy and Marco were as good as it can get.

Lauren B.

Local Move from Monterey to Pacific Grove

Anthony and Nick were pleasant, professional, and got the job done while making it look easy somehow! It was a very reasonably price for such a smooth move.

lisa d.

Local Move in Monterey

Alexis and Matt were terrific. Easy to work with, incredibly strong, and so helpful. They respected all the belongings and went the extra mile to be sure we liked how they were moving/handling everything. They took direction well and double checked things with me. They knew what they were doing. Excellent move!!!

Christian E.

Local Move in Carmel Valley

Everyone on your team was fantastic! The attention to detail and follow-up communication was outstanding. Friendly, efficient movers who listened to our instructions and made the entire experience as pleasant as a move can be.

Lindsey G.

Long Distance Move from Sacramento to Pacific Grove

Generally it was a good experience overall. The crew was friendly, helpful and flexible when we had some issues with a storage unit in our new city. After trying to get quotes from 4-5 different moving companies, Meathead was one of only two that even got back to me, and the only one who made the estimate process easy. I do feel like the cost was a bit higher than other companies would have been, but it was the easiest and most convenient, which was helpful when planning a move.

The move coordinator did not give me all the info, or ask the right questions to make sure everything we needed would be covered, for example we had a number of oil paintings that I showed him, but did not think to mention they were oil and he did not ask. When the movers arrived they told me that they could not move them because they needed special materials to do it that they did not have with them. They made it sound like this particular coordinator had a reputation for incomplete or inaccurate information. The inventory list was off, which didn’t matter that much, since we went with the load until full option, but when I tried to call to adjust the inventory I spent about 30 mins on the phone with someone who was not my move coordinator to be told that they would pass the message along, but I would also have to talk to my move coordinator about it too. There was just not time for that and I didn’t want to have to explain it all twice. At the end of the day, I was also glad we decided to go with the load until full option, and not the two trucks as was recommended as we would have had barely anything in the second truck, which would have felt like a huge waste of money.

I had specifically requested the crew bring mirror pack boxes (before I knew they would not be able to move my paintings) on packing day, and they did not end up bringing any. I would have still liked to have them for framed pictures and non-oil art, but instead they had to individually wrap pieces. After the crew left on packing day we found a number of items in drawers and cupboards that had been left behind, which was a bit annoying as they had to get packed into different boxes separate from the boxes with similar items. When we arrived at our new house, a lot of boxes that they packed were not labeled so we are still finding “surprise” boxes around the house. We were also disappointed that our patio table broke in transit. The crew said it was likely the vibrations from the truck, totally possible, but it was also loaded with things on top of it, which it probably should not have been. The metal legs ended up buckling, so we will need to replace it now.

I would not NOT recommend Meathead to others in the future, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make sure someone used the company. Again, ease and convenience was key for me in this situation, so thanks for that.

Aaron C.

Local Move in Pacific Grove

good communication with packing and unloading our items. They worked hard and got the job done in a reasonable time!