BakersfieldNow: Meathead Movers Comes to Bakersfield

Oct 09, 2018

Meathead Movers Comes to Bakersfield

BY BakersfieldNow Staff

Do you have a move in your future?

Then check out the newest moving company in Bakersfield – Meathead Movers.

The company itself isn’t new – it’s been around for 21 years – but it just opened a Bakersfield office.

One thing that stands out about this company is the movers themselves.

“The reason we can work so had is because we hire athletes working their way through school,” Aaron Steed, Meathead Movers CEO, told Eyewitness News.

To help the students maintain their fitness levels, an area of the warehouse is filled with workout equipment so they can stay fit between jobs.

“We’re the only moving company that jogs when not carrying items,” Steed said.

Since most moving companies charge hourly, this saves customers time and money, he said.

Meathead Movers is looking for 40 to 50 people to join its Bakersfield team.

“We work around your school and athletic schedule, get paid to work out, leadership training, great job opportunities, every day is an adventure,” Steed said.


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