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VC Star: Meathead Movers CEO Joins Anti-Violence Board

January 27, 2018

VC Star: Meathead Movers CEO joins anti-violence board


After successfully launching the Move to End DV nonprofit in 2016, Meathead Movers CEO Aaron Steed announces his spot on the board of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Upon joining the board, Steed gifted the Move to End DV foundation and platform to the coalition to continue to spearhead the initiative and grow the available resources for those in need.

“NCADV was a founding partner of our organization, and we’ve always relied on them as the expert in the domestic violence prevention space,” Steed said. “I am honored to have been selected to join the board of NCADV and look forward to continuing to support the organization and maintaining a strong leadership role in progressing Move to End DV under this new umbrella.”

Outside of the other charitable initiatives that Steed leads, he is known for the free moving services Meathead Movers provides to victims of domestic violence fleeing abusive situations.

In addition to overseeing the transition of Move to End DV, Steed will take on typical board member duties of working collaboratively to grow the organization and move toward its mission of ending domestic abuse once and for all.

Meathead has locations in Ventura County.


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