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If your future includes a move to Lompoc, check out Meathead Movers! Our professionally trained student-athlete movers, moving concierge, and packers are prepared to get you safely moved into your new Lompoc home.
When you make your move to Lompoc, be sure to contact Meathead Movers. No matter what type of moving service you need, our student-athlete movers are ready to handle all your moving needs.

During your move, discover the flower fields in the city of arts and flowers, Lompoc.

Welcome to Meathead Movers of Lompoc!

An arrow pointing to the city of Lompoc on a map of California with an athletic Meathead Mover standing happily next to the state. If you are moving to or from anywhere in Lompoc, we are the moving company for you!  Our professionally trained student-athlete movers and our move concierge are here to help you with every stage of your move in Lompoc.

Known as the City of Arts and Flowers, Lompoc is a beautiful place to make your new home. Take a stroll through downtown Lompoc and gaze at the nearly 40 gorgeous murals that line the streets of downtown Lompoc. Stop by local cafés and restaurants to see artwork from local residents or check out the many galleries and museums in the city to see more art.

If you prefer to see natural beauty, stopping by the famous Lompoc flower fields is a must. These fields have beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see, and are in bloom from May to September.

Lompoc is a beautiful place to settle down in, and with Vanderberg Air Force base nearby, the city is home to many military families. If you are considering a move to Lompoc, you should check out Meathead Movers. Our moving company specializes in local, long-distance, and commercial moves to, from, and within Lompoc. We also provide reliable packing, storage, on-site relocations, and our distinctive moving concierge service, which connects you with local service providers.

All our student-athlete movers are thoroughly screened and trained before their first move.  With branches not just in Lompoc, but all throughout California, we are your one-stop resource for all your moving needs, no matter where your California move takes you.

We have been revolutionizing the moving industry since 1997.  When you entrust your move to Meathead, you can rest assured knowing that your move will be a success because our professionally trained student-athlete movers are the best movers the industry has to offer.

In fact, you can see what your neighbors in Lompoc have to say about us. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving! So contact us today for a free no-obligation moving quote and to learn how we can help you on your next move!

Moving to Lompoc? Here are some helpful resources.

Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

111 South I Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 736-4567

City of Lompoc

100 Civic Center Plaza
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 736-1261

Lompoc Unified School District

1301 North A Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 742-3300

Allan Hnacock College

1 Hancock Drive
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 735-3366

Lompoc Valley Medical Center

1515 East Ocean Avenue
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 737-3300

Comcast Cable

1145 North H Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
(888) 266-2278

City of Lompoc

100 Civic Center Plaza
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 736-1261

City of Lompoc

100 Civic Center Plaza
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 736-1261

Southern California Gas Company

1004 w Arlington
Anaheim, CA 92801
(800) 427-2200

Meathead Movers received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Linda B.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Lompoc

How polite the employees are and they get the job done by treating the customers property with respect. Thank you Meathead Movers.

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Honest Moving Company reviews on Lompoc Meathead Movers

247 total customer reviews

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Nipomo

July 26, 2021

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

July 25, 2021

How polite the employees are and they get the job done by treating the customers property with respect. Thank you Meathead Movers.

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

July 18, 2021

I will try to put into words how upset I am. The last time we moved, we used a different company and I wish we had gone with them again. Moving is never easy, but the service provided by your company was very upsetting. First of all, terms of the service were not made super clear. I’m sure it was all written into the contract, but who has the time to read EVERYTHING!? The basics should be shared with the customer when he or she first calls for a quote. 1.) The movers had a limited amount of time (3.5 hours) to load the truck. News to me. I thought we paid per hour and they worked until the job was done. This time limit resulted in them leaving a bunch of stuff at our old place, which we then had to take several additional and unplanned loads to get to the new place (including bulkier items, like a bicycle, that are not easily fit into a regular vehicle). 2.) They took over an hour for a lunch break in the middle of our move. I understand that the guys need (and deserve!) a break, but this should have been discussed previously. I would have planned my move differently. Furthermore, I was promised “the fastest movers in town.” This is not what I got. One of them, Christian, was great. He seemed to be the lead, and he was exactly that. He was professional, fast, and efficient. The other guy (sorry, I did not get his name) was obviously a newbie. If you’re going to send new workers out on a move, a discount of some kind should be offered. The only time I saw him run was when he got momentum walking down the ramp. He spent the majority of the day standing around waiting for instructions from Christian. He did not move boxes efficiently at all. One load he walked out to the truck included one dining room chair. ONE! He did this at least twice. He could have put a box on top of it! Or carried one in each hand. Another load was two small, thin boxes. Seriously? The last time we moved, they had dollies and carried out 5 huge boxes at a time. I could have carried those two boxes in one hand! Another time, he was standing at the bottom of the truck ramp on his phone. I walked past him to take trash out, came back, and he was still standing there on his phone. I stood there and stared at him for about 20 seconds, and he was oblivious, STILL typing on his phone. To give him something to do, I asked him to help me carry stuff from the front of the house to the back so that Christian (who was the only one working) could load onto the truck. I showed him what he could carry, and he said “so you want me to carry this stuff?” YES! Had both movers been more efficient, it would have been finished much sooner. I did not pay $200 an hour for a newbie to carry the bare minimum and be on his phone. Had I known about the lunch time, I would have scheduled my day a lot differently. Not only was I paying an hourly rate for the movers’ time, but also for daycare for my daughter. I would like a refund of at least 1 hour.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to San Luis Obispo

July 03, 2021

Amazing!! I was so impressed with the service!

Local Commercial Move in Lompoc

June 29, 2021

Staff reported that movers were excellent and that they hustled as they moved belongings from one apartment to the other.

No Transport Residential Move in Lompoc

June 17, 2021

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

May 16, 2021

Movers were fast, efficient and professional.

Local Residential Move from Atascadero to Lompoc

May 01, 2021

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

April 30, 2021

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

March 21, 2021

Your company sent the crew here with the wrong truck. They were supposed to bring a truck with a lift gate so they could move my gun safe. No lift gate so the safe was left and your company is sending another crew with another truck sometime next week. Fortunately we have enough time to wait. Your crew was friendly and worked but were not the fastest. They used up all of my time to the maximum estimated time and I told them to finish with the items they already had loaded. Left the tv and several boxes along with the safe. Because it was so late I told them I would reassembled the beds myself and some of the bolts were missing.

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