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Whatever your moving needs may be, Meathead Movers will help you feel at home in Oak Park. Our professionally trained athlete movers and our moving concierge will be with you for the entirety of your move to Oak Park.

Check out the many beautiful parks in Oak Park after your move is done.

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An arrow pointing to the city of Oak Park on a map of California with an athletic Meathead Mover standing happily next to the state. If you’re looking for a community that can offer you some peace and quiet, you’ll want to consider moving to Oak Park, California. Away from all of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles County and set in the rolling Simi Hills, Oak Park was originally formed as a ranchland that was owned by the stars of “Fibber McGee and Molly,” a radio show that ran from 1935 to 1959. While there are plenty of Oak Park movers that residents can choose from, here at Meathead Movers we are confident that we put the other moving companies to shame.

You won’t have to worry about untrustworthy temporary laborers when you choose Meathead Movers. All our movers are clean-cut, respectable athletes who are working their way through college.  We will jog to and from the truck when not carrying your items, saving you valuable time. That’s the Meathead Movers difference.

No one likes being surprised with hidden charges and extra fees. We use fixed pricing for long-distance moves so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. We never consolidate your items with those of another customer either. This means that we’re working around your schedule and not our freight schedule.

Your move deserves careful attention and priority. That’s why the movers who load your truck are also the movers who unload your truck at your destination. Our movers are responsible for the quality of your move, and with the same crew beginning and ending a move, there’s no need to repeat instructions or warn newcomers about fragile items. We even offer a distinctive moving concierge service to connect you with local service providers.

If you’re moving out of Oak Park or moving to Oak Park, be sure to give Meathead Movers a call. Our friendly staff is standing by to give you more information about the services that we offer, including long-distance moveslocal movesbusiness moving and storage service.

Call us for a free no-obligation moving quote. We know that we don’t have to pressure you into using our moving services because once you’ve had a look at us compared to all the other Oak Park movers, we know that you’ll see that we are the best moving company in the state of California.

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At Meathead Movers, we are always honest with our current and prospecting clients and never filter our ratings.

Moving Company Reviews on Oak Park Meathead Movers

29,183 reviews

Ellen P.
Local Move in Thousand Oaks

This is our second move with Meathead and it went just as well as the first! The guys were quick, careful, respectful, and pleasant to be around. Shout out to Winston, Gabe, Lambert, Noah, Sergio, Michael, and Miguel for their great work!!

Atalie L.
Local Move in Camarillo

It was fabulous from the initial phone call, until when they shook our hands and said their “good-byes”. Meathead Movers gave us peace of mind in making a difficult move and made things so much easier for my mother-in-law. Thank you!

Sue C.
Local Move in Oxnard

The movers were friendly and professional

Jacob L.
Local Move from Newbury Park to Thousand Oaks

The boys were excellent!

Nancy P.
Local Move in Ventura

The movers were very professional . When I first met Ozzie and Diego I could tell that my chest of draws was in good hands.They were on time and ready to do the job. Thank you!!!

Becca G.
Local Move from Camarillo to Ventura

Everything went very smoothly

Cecelia G.
Local Move in Oxnard

Everything: easy to make an appointment for my issues. Movers were very polite, respectful and friendly. Fee was fair.
I certainly will call Meathead Movers in the future.

tiffany w.
Local Move in Simi Valley

i had no idea everything would need to be meticulously wrapped with blankets plastic wrap and duct tape. i didn’t have that much and stuff and only moved a short distance and it took two and half hours
at times all three were at the truck. the time could have been way more balanced had one been at the truck and two loaded and vice versa
it costed me $800!
way too much for this move
i won’t recommend this place

John C.
Local Move in Camarillo

above expectation for efficiency and outstanding care and protection of furniture during the move.

Jeffrey B.
No Transport Move in Thousand Oaks

Prompt, efficient, good advance work, consistent contact, nice workers, clean and professional, and very helpful all around! I have moved many times

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