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Do you have a lot, a little, or no sales experience? We want you to join Team Meathead! We’re hiring Sales Representatives – with a twist!


Meathead Movers is seeking driven professionals interested in joining an elite team who provide award-winning customer service to tens of thousands of clients each year. Accepted applicants will first enroll in the Meathead Sales Institute to complete an 4-week aggressive sales training that will equip employees with the skills they need to accomplish their career goals. The best part is – this isn’t an internship or an unpaid training. We’ll pay you to grow and learn Meathead’s approach to Sales Excellence. Along the way, you’ll also hear from top sales executives from outside companies who just might offer you a job one day.

What’s more? Once you complete the Meathead Sales Institute and work your way up through the Meathead Movers’ ladder, you’ll be awarded the highest status of INVICTUS, which is Latin for unconquered.


At the INVICTUS level, you’ll have the option to be given a warm interview with a Hiring Manager at a number of different six-figure Sales companies. That’s right! We will set up an interview on your behalf and prepare you to crush it.

All INVICTUS members are also eligible for an annual bonus ranging from $5,000-10,000, depending on the degree of performance, and will proudly join the Meathead Hall of Fame.

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