6 things you wouldn’t expect from a Meathead or a mover

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

A recent Google query to define “meathead” was quite disappointing: A stupid person.

And while the Urban Dictionary was a little more palatable, it still didn’t fit the mold of what we have come to know as a Meathead.  In my opinion a Meathead embodies the following attributes, and more:


In complete agreement with Dana Olson’s recent Pacific Coast Business Times article titled, “More than muscle”; our movers put the head in Meathead. Military inspired training programs demand a mastery of over a hundred moving procedures. You know our Meatheads up to the test because they are students from local colleges.


Each mover undergoes a hygiene check before being dispatched to your home or office. With the common chant around the operations center of “GTL” (Gym, Tan, Laundry) – our movers are borderline metro-sexual, but that’s a good thing. It results in a crew of clean shaven, gel haired, designer cologne scented movers. Think movers dressed for a mixture of “going to the gym” and “going on a date.” Please let us know before your move, so we may accommodate for those with fragrance allergies.


Our movers are specimens, many of whom are competing NCAA athletes. You look around your home and think, to move everything you see will be incredibly physically demanding. Fact is, your move just a warm up for our movers. Often times when a crew returns from a move the Meatheads will finish off their muscles with a weightlifting session and a protein shake in the on-site gym, before calling it a day.


Is that arrow pointing to his shirt or his lungs? Both. The peak cardiovascular shape our movers are in will result in a faster move, which results in a lower cost for you. The smoke-free guarantee means that after your furniture is moved to your new home, you won’t plop down on the couch to an unexpected waft of stale cigarette smoke that clung to the cushions.


We wouldn’t be a team unless we had a uniform. You can spot a meathead crew from a mile away; the shiny black trucks, black shorts, clean shirt and dashing smiles :). Oh ya, don’t forget the running shoes! Here’s why. . .


You’re basking in the sunlight in front of your old house watching in amazement while two extraordinarily stout and kind Meatheads carry past a meticulously pad-wrapped dresser. Yes, the one you could hardly budge, even when putting your full weight into it, is being whisked past you with ease. After seeing them find a perfect spot to secure your prized item in the truck, you feel a whoosh of air while they jog past you for the next piece of furniture. You look down at your watch, and then glance up at your home. The place is already empty. How did they do it? — Trained for efficiency in preparing your house, your furniture and loading techniques only gets us so far. What puts it over the edge is the fact our athlete movers jog when not carrying your items.

I think my brother summed it up perfectly with a quote in the Ventura County Star article “Meathead Movers starts with muscle power to grow company with 32 trucks”. Aaron stated:

Perhaps someday, when you look up the definition of a mover or the definition of a Meathead, Google will return something that looks like this:

Post script: All the beautiful and talented people you see throughout our website are real employees, not clip art, not outsourced models. There are over 200 athletes at Meathead Movers who are working their way through college and are eager to make your next move a pleasure and a success.

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