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Redefining an Industry

Meathead Movers is a different kind of mover, it’s a different kind of company. The Steed brothers, Aaron and Evan, built the Meathead brand taking care of one customer, one employee and one community at a time. Today, Meathead Movers is the fastest growing independent moving company in California and remains a 100% family owned and operated business.

This unique enterprise, founded by two high school brothers, has taken the simple philosophy of superior customer service and created a thriving company. Meathead Movers is redefining how people perceive the moving and storage industry today.

Award after award, accolade after accolade, Meathead Movers houses an extensive trophy room, decked out with local business awards and national recognition for their premium moving services. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed and superior customer service, clients quickly discover the Meathead Difference, standing out amongst the rest.

  •       California Small Business of the Year 2012
  •       Named to the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. (5x!)
  •       New Times Best of SLO County Moving Company for 16 years straight
  •       #1 Moving Company in every market we serve
  •       Pacific Coast Business Book of Lists #1 Moving Company
  •       Angie’s List Super Service Award
  •       98% of customers would recommend us to a friend or family member

The Start of Meathead Movers

Back in 1997, when Aaron was a high school junior and Evan was a freshman, Meathead Movers launched their local moving labor service. Because of their school and athletic commitments, the two were having trouble finding part-time work that fit their busy schedules. One day, the brothers helped move a friend’s parents in San Luis Obispo in return for the customary fee of $20.00 and pizza for a day’s labor. Their superior service and dedicated work ethic instantly led to word of mouth referrals about the clean-cut, student athletes’ impressive work.

As more requests came in, the Steeds quickly learned that impeccable manners, good hygiene and a whole lot of hustle produced the results the brothers desired. At this point, the company didn’t own personal trucks so local customers would rent a moving truck and pick up the Meatheads themselves. After driving the crew to their house, the movers would diligently and efficiently load the customers’ belongings, jogging while not carrying items, and unload items at their new home. In the early years with no solidified pricing structure, customers would pay these hardworking student athletes what they thought they deserved, and it sure paid off. With the added bonus of working out while working, the Meatheads enjoyed the gratitude and positive reviews their clients displayed after a job well done.

Through grassroots guerilla marketing and rapid word of mouth referrals around San Luis Obispo, Aaron and Evan were flooded with pages in response to their flyers posted around town. Between classes, Aaron would coordinate local moves on their high school’s pay phone. Before they knew it, Aaron and Evan were supporting themselves financially and employing a crew of 25.

Although some doubted the Steeds, Aaron and Evan successfully transitioned from a labor service to full-fledged moving business. The brothers’ vision of young and energetic student athletes delivering a unique customer service experience kept them relentlessly, striving to make their dreams a reality. Soon, their thriving enterprise was fielding as many moving jobs as they could possibly handle, and Meathead Movers, Inc. became a full-time occupation for both brothers.

The Backbone of the Business: Meathead Employees

Aaron and Evan continue to base their management style on a coaching philosophy of encouraging excellence in every member and growing the Meathead team. Each employee is required to maintain a positive attitude, recognize the shared objectives of all Meathead associates and be accountable for their own excellence. All applicants for Meathead Movers undergo multiple interviews, background checks and are thoroughly screened before officially being hired. Upon hire, each employee is paid to observe fellow workers on the job before performing any moving services themselves, ensuring their high standards are known and met. The company emphasizes politeness, strict hygiene policies and superior work ethic, requiring the athletic movers to jog back from the truck into the house to maximize time, in addition to offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed to their customers.

Since the beginning, Meathead Movers allows young people to build their own work schedules around their athletic and academic commitments, allowing many to successfully work their way through college. With a commitment to their employees’ excellence, Meathead Movers also provides an on-site fitness facility, computer lab and transportation assistance.

Standing as one of our founding principles, giving back to the community involves every Meathead employee. Meathead Movers regularly organizes benefit events for local charities, coordinates supply drives for disaster victims and partners with local shelters and law enforcement to move victims of domestic violence free of charge.

With superior customer service at the core of Meathead Movers, all employees are taught to be intensely aware of each customer’s needs and to maximize efficiency, saving the client time and money. When not carrying items, it is policy for the Meatheads to jog from the moving truck to the house. Since all moving companies charge by the hourly rates, Meathead stands out by placing customers first, cutting down on time and moving costs.

Growth of Meathead Movers

Since inception, Meathead Movers has seen tremendous expansion in its workforce, increase in business volume and variety of services offered. Today, Meathead Movers handles over 5,000 – 18,000 moves per year, and in the last 12 months, they’ve completed 14,826 moving services – making it the largest local mover in both Central and Southern California.  

With much to celebrate after the initial years, Meathead Movers consolidated their operations and administrative office in 2004 to the custom-designed 11,000-square-foot facility in San Luis Obispo. The continued success allowed Meathead Movers to open a branch office in Santa Barbara County in 2005, Ventura County Southern California in 2007, and Orange County in 2014. This extensive expansion into the Southern California market clearly showcased Meathead Movers’ accomplishments over the years with local service area expansions as far south as San Diego County.

In 2010, the Steed brothers developed the 6-acre property in San Luis Obispo and built an 117,000-square-foot, state of the art storage facility and company headquarters. In 2011, Meathead Movers launched sister company, Princess Packers. Capitalizing on the achievements and geographical expansions, Meathead Movers opened its most recent branch in Fresno, servicing the Central Valley in 2015.

Today, Meathead Movers is reviewing potential locations in the Bay Area and wider Central Valley, continuing to develop their local and long-distance service area offerings.

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