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What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

Meathead Movers makes a splash in Bakersfield

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

As we continue to ramp up our newest location in Bakersfield, California, our Meatheads spent the week filming two commercials for the local ABC and NBC stations. Our awesome athletes transformed into the ultimate actors to demonstrate what our Meatheads do best.

Bakersfield Blog Image. Bench Press by the moving trucks.

From weightlifting to jogging while not carrying items, our athletes were showing off their muscles and skills to the production teams.

Meathead Movers Bakersfield Commercial Blog Dumbell Curls

The hope behind creating the commercials is to showcase our team of professionally-trained, clean-cut athletes, our impressive fleet of trucks, our brand new office space in Bakersfield and the five-star customer service that our Meatheads provide every single day.

Meathead Movers Bakersfield Commercial Blog Truck Driver

Tune in to KGET and KERO starting April 1st to catch a glimpse of our Meatheads in action! And we’ll see you on move day, Bakersfield!

Meathead Movers Bakersfield Commercial Blog Bench Press


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