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author avatar Written by Aaron Steed


You know what they say about death and taxes; those are the only guarantees in life, right? WRONG!!! I’m about to drop some serious knowledge about a revolutionary new guarantee made to the common man by Meathead Movers. It’s a guarantee so far out on the cutting edge, that Elon Musk views it’s use at Meathead as a pilot program for TESLA (unconfirmed) and unlike death and taxes, you can take this guarantee to the bank; literally. It’s called the Meathead Movers $1000 Guarantee, and here’s how it works: If, during his/her research and discovery process in preparation for the big transition, a moving customer is able to locate a moving company with:

  1. A better training program
  2. Higher standards for their employees
  3. More local and regional awards and accolades for excellence

He/She is invited to contact Meathead Movers for a $1000 payday, courtesy of our very own CEO, Aaron Steed. Boom! Here’s a behind the curtain look at the logic behind this seeming act of daring. At the beginning of the process of researching and selecting a mover, the average customer does not really know what to look for. Moving is an unfamiliar, dreadful, and imposing task. At the end of the day, what they really value are the character and trustworthiness of the people that they are inviting into their home, and the quality of service that they are provided on move day. It is this value that has driven Meathead Movers to becoming the biggest and best independent moving company in the state of California, and we got here by refusing to compromise in three key areas:

Training – One is only as good as the tools he’s given. Every Meathead that arrives on the doorstep of a customer has already undergone a thorough training process, Meathead University. Subjects of education include how best to protect, carry and secure items within the truck to protect them from damage, how to work efficiently as a team, and how to organize a loaded moving truck safely. In short, these guys know what they are doing. Meathead Movers does not hire any workers on a temporary or “day-labor” basis, so every employee that our customer meets has received the training necessary to provide an unexpectedly awesome service.

Hiring standards – Criminal background checks, routine random drug screenings, driving record checks… These are a few of the standards that every Meathead must pass prior to gaining employment. Where our philosophy of hiring and supporting athletes provides us with a great recruitment pool naturally, our hiring managers also sit across from each prospective Meathead and ask themselves, “Is this someone that I would trust in a home alone with my Grandmother?” It’s a gut check that has paid off for our customers for over 18 years now.

Local and regional awards – It’s hard to fully appreciate an experience before you have it. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take someone’s word for it; and it’s a guarantee that you will find no local moving service with the same vote of community confidence that Meathead Movers has fostered in each of the communities that it serves. The awards that we have achieved in your local media outlets and community oriented organizations will be unparalleled. That’s a testament to the service that you will receive on move day.

So there you have it, we’ve thrown the gauntlet, and at the end is $1000. Bring us a superior moving service offered by better people and the money is yours. So far, no one has, and we’re only continuing to improve. If you’re a gambler, I’m sure you’d agree; the best bet to put your money on is the sure thing. Move over death and taxes, there’s a new sheriff in town.

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