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New Times SLO: Local Professionals Team Up Against Domestic Violence

November 02, 2000

New Times
November 2-9, 2000

Domestic violence is perhaps the most common and destructive crimes that occurs every 15 seconds in America. A group of professionals in town want to fight back and give battered women hope to rebuild their lives. Meathead Movers, owned by Aaron & Evan Steed will donate their service to get women out of their homes and into a safe situation. SLO Kickboxing, owned by Scott Adams & Chuck Lidell, set up a 6 week self-defense program designed for battered women. This program’s emphasis will be on attack situations, kickboxing and fitness. Instructor Albert Malatamban will be assisting these women throughout the program, free of charge. Tri-Quest Financial owned by Tricia Phipps will be donating her services of financial advising and planning to help women get a grip on their finances and plan for their children. Kim Conti, with Farrell Smyth, will provide a helping hand in relocating women and their families into new homes or rentals. Karen Hale, who is a local chiropractor will be offering her services as well for free. These services will be sub-contracted through the SLO Women’s Shelter. Please call the SLO Women’s Shelter for more information at (805) 781-6403.

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