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Bay News: Meatheads Going Green

April 30, 2008

Bay News
Title: Meatheads Going Green

Meathead Movers is going green.  The San Luis Obispo based moving company is replacing its fleet of moving trucks with rigs that burn biodiesel.  The Meatheads plan to bring in 19 biodiesel trucks out of its fleet of 31 vehicles.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel derived from domestic, renewable resources, such as fats and oils.  It reduces carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter emissions.

“Converting to biodiesel was a natural step,” said Meathead Movers’ CEO Aaron Steed.
“Using an alternative, environmentally friendly fuel source is just one more way to continue to provide our clients, and the communities we serve with the most progressive and high quality service possible.   Introducing biodiesel vehicles to our fleet will reduce our impact on the environment.”

The Meathead trucks will bear the biodiesel logo to raise awareness of the alternative fuel source and its use in mainstream businesses.  Fuel for the trucks will be provided through the JB Dewar fuel company.

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