#MoveToEndDV: Where are we now?

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Nearly four years since launching the MoveToEndDV (MTEDV) movement, we are so proud of how far we have come. What started with a viral news article and a vision, has spiraled into a partnership with the leader in domestic violence prevention (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) and an influx of businesses looking to change the terrible epidemic of domestic abuse.

With more the 225 businesses pledged to donate a product or service to a local domestic violence shelter, we know that this organization is helping victims and survivors all over the world. We have difference makers offering services from healthcare to storage to financial advising, and dozens of moving companies that are offering the same services that we provide to our nine shelter partners every day.

As successful as the movement has been – we are far from finished with our goal of inspiring 10,000 businesses to take the pledge. If we can continue to work with NCADV to bring awareness to this simple commitment from businesses in every industry, we can provide tens of thousands of victims and survivors with the essentials that they need to start a fresh life.

Are you a business interested in taking the pledge or an individual interested in connecting businesses to those that need their services the most?

Move To End DV

Visit NCADV’s new MoveToEndDV website to learn more and commit: MoveToEndDV.org

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