The Tribune: Meathead Movers Opens First of New Offices

Jan 07, 2007

Meathead Movers, a San Luis Obispo-based moving company, opened a new office in Camarillo this month.

The new location is the first of four branches the company expects to open in the next five years, said Aaron Steed, the company president and chief executive officer.

Steed started the company 10 years ago with his brother, Evan, when the two were in their teens. The company developed a reputation for premium service by athlete movers who are required to jog on the job (whenever they’re not lifting goods), Steed said. This past year, the company employed up to 120 movers (in the busy summer season), made 1,700 moves and had gross revenues of $2.1 million.

Aaron Steed has moved to the Camarillo location with three other employees to kick-start the new operations. After the business is settled, he said, he will also open additional offices in coming years in the East Bay area, the northern San Diego County-Orange County area and Phoenix.

“We’ve chosen locations that are near colleges, where we hire athlete movers, where there is a market for people who value a premium level service and where there are sports teams — because our movers need to be strong to physically handle the standard Meathead Movers has set for them,” Steed said.

Evan Steed will stay in San Luis Obispo to manage its central operations as its vice president and chief operating officer.

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