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The Fresno Bee: Meathead Movers Wants to Hire 50 Fresno-Area athletes

July 06, 2015

Meathead Movers wants to hire 50 Fresno-area athletes

BY SARAH ANDERSON –; (559) 441-6248; @Sarahsonofander

The athlete moving company Meathead Movers wants to expand its Fresno team by about 50 people. Meathead Movers says it handles more than 10,000 local moves a year, making it the largest independent moving company in California.

The job provides various incentives, such as gyms where employees can work out after work or between jobs, massages by professional therapists to help ease pain caused by heavy lifting, and rewards for model employee behavior that can include flat screen TVs, barbecue grills, UFC tickets and vacations.

Since its employees are also students, the company also offers flexible work schedules and on-site computer labs.

Job candidates need to turn in a detailed application and pass a face-to-face interview, criminal background check and drug test. The company is hiring in San Luis Obispo, Camarillo and Santa Ana in addition to Fresno.

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