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SLO Chamber of Commerce: Meathead Movers Offers New Service

April 01, 2002

From the “Chamber Challenge”
April 2002

Your next move just got much easier thanks to One of the most frustrating steps in the process of moving your home or office is calling up each of the utility/service companies to transfer, cancel, or start new services. Usually, calling each of the utility and service companies takes about 1.5 to 2.0 hours. However, there is a more efficient and easier way thanks to new technology and Meathead Movers. has a program on their website that allows people who are moving to transfer over gas, water, electricity, telephone, newspaper, Internet provider, garbage, change of address form and more. This is how it works: log on to and click on the icon, “utility transfer.” Click on the services you want to have transferred and where you are moving to and from. The program will then have you fill out the necessary questions in correspondence with your request. This information will get emailed to each utility company and within three days, the utility companies will email you back with a confirmation number. This is another competitive advantage Meathead Movers provides its clientele in order to make their move as easy as possible.

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