This Moving Company is Relocating Victims of Domestic Violence for Free

Sep 09, 2015


551.jpgFor many victims of domestic violence, escaping an abusive situation is a terrifying prospect. Even if individuals can overcome the emotional and psychological obstacles, there are the logistical

considerations like managing to pack up and get out when time and resources are often limited.

The California-based moving company Meathead Movers has decided to use their business to give back to the community, relocating victims of domestic violence for free.

According to CEO Aaron Steed (via Buzzfeed), the company’s goal is to “help victims of domestic violence with a fresh start in life.”

Meathead Movers — which was established by athletes in 1997 — has been relocating domestic violence victims since its inception, but it was only in 2001 when a victim’s abuser showed up

during a move and police were brought in that the company decided to partner with a local shelter for assistance.

Explained Steed, “From that point, we realized that we needed to link up with our local domestic violence–prevention shelters to leverage their services while they provide us and the victims of

domestic violence with a safe environment for our free moving services.”

Meathead Movers is now partnered with seven domestic violence prevention groups in California and has started the #MoveToEndDV challenge.

Are you eligible for assistance? Contact a local California shelter in your area to find out if they’re partnered with Meathead Movers.


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