Want to get paid to travel the United States?

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Can you imagine making $15-20 per hour to travel to new states throughout the country? We can! As our moving services expand nationwide, our Movers are getting to explore the country and get paid to do it.

Don’t get us wrong, moving can be hard work and the safety of our team, customers and their belongings will be your number one priority. However, we have three tips to maximize your “paid vacation” while on the road.

Make the most of your meals

Everyone has to eat. You may be tempted to pull over to the nearest fast food chain and grab a quick bite with your team, but we encourage you to eat where the locals eat! If you’re traveling to Texas, make sure to grab some BBQ or TexMex. If you’re heading all the way to Florida, don’t forget a famous Cuban Sandwich. You can tell so much about a state by the foods they’re known for – you might as well enjoy it!

Stop and smell the roses

Literally! Whether it’s the famous White House Rose Garden in Washington DC, the majestic Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota or Arizona’s Grand Canyon, make time to see the monuments that make our country so incredible. You will be working long days to efficiently move your customers to their new homes, but there’s always time to soak in the beautiful sights you’re passing by. Make sure you grab a photo to always remember the places you’ve visited!

Mover at Mt Rushmore

Meet new people

As they say, do as the locals do! Between truck stops, gas stations, restaurants and hotels you’ll be visiting, take a moment to speak to the locals. You’ll be able to learn so much about the states you’re visiting or passing through if you chat with the people who live there. You might be surprised by who you meet while on the road – you could make lifelong friends with someone across the country!

Just when you thought you wanted to travel but didn’t have the means to do so, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. Apply today and get moving – literally!

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