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No one should deal with domestic violence, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference. October is a particular time for supporters and organizations to stand in solidarity. Raising awareness so that more survivors can feel safe enough to get help. Often, survivors fear losing their lives, so they may avoid receiving the support they should receive.

And during this year’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Meathead Movers calls upon everyone to renew pledges to do their part in ending domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Move to End DV - Meathead Movers Blog

How it all began

Meathead Movers has long pledged to be more than just a moving company. They started their business in San Luis Obispo, California, with the goal of giving their customers the best moving experience possible. Soon, they became the de facto choice and the “go-to movers” for the people in their town.

Over time, something changed.

Meathead Movers started receiving frantic phone calls from panic-stricken victims desperately wanting to get out of the town. They found a pattern emerging.

They were all victims of domestic abuse.
They were all afraid for their lives.
They were all desperately trying to escape from the clutches of their abusers.
They were all without financial means or logistical support.
And they all wanted to flee in a short window of time while their abusers were out of town.

Since the victims didn’t have any money, they offered everything from TVs and washing machines to couches and Ottoman chairs. Meathead Movers would rush to their homes but decline any sort of compensation in return. After all, what good is helping someone in distress if you accept something in return?

But things got ugly one day.

They were in the middle of the move when the abuser returned unexpectedly. Their movers witnessed firsthand the kind of immobilizing, terrifying rage abusers fly into when things do not go as they want.

That was the pivotal point when Meathead Movers decided to stop being a silent spectator and do whatever they could to help victims of domestic violence.

Meathead Movers’ pledge to end domestic violence

It was back in 2001 when Meathead Movers partnered up with a local shelter. They launched their “Move to End DV” campaign soon after, with the hope of driving individuals and businesses into action to do their part against the menace of domestic violence.

In the two decades that followed, they have had some comfort in knowing that they have helped hundreds of domestic violence victims get away for free and found them shelters. The company acted and sacrificed business to give back to those survivors in need. They made an impact on their local community through hard work and dedication to aiding those who needed to move for free.

Meathead Movers have become well-known because we help victims of domestic violence move for free. The group has shown how dedicated it is by always helping seven California shelters for victims of domestic violence move.

“We have always believed in incorporating philanthropy deep into our business model,” said Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers. Hopefully, more moving companies will follow the lead of Meathead Movers. Survivors of domestic violence need more companies to step up like this one. There are many companies that donate money, and that is quite notable. Yet to offer manpower and trucks shows a company is willing to sacrifice making money for an important cause. Taking the time to volunteer to organize such a movement takes courage, creativity, and tenacity.

People leaving a place of harm deserve to be supported in ways that Meathead Movers have provided. More companies must come forward with programs like theirs. So, more survivors will have faith in leaving an unsafe environment. By giving survivors hope and following through on your promise, you help them.

It shows them that there are good people willing to help for free and that there are people who do not have any ulterior motives. Sometimes, knowing resources are easily accessible to an individual will aid in their leaving an abusive relationship, and they will confidently never consider returning to such a harmful, hurtful environment. With inflation on the rise, living expenses have only gotten more expensive. People need resources like Meathead Movers now more than ever.

Move To End DV

Philanthropy is now deeply embedded in the business model, and it has expanded to include eight domestic violence shelters across California as well as a national campaign called Move To End DV, which was launched in 2015.

#MoveToEndDV was launched to encourage other businesses nationwide to step up and pledge to make a difference in their local communities. So far, more than 300 businesses have pledged to do their part and work to put an end to domestic violence once and for all.

Meathead Movers handed over the movement in 2018 to the experts at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in order to better support the hundreds of businesses and individuals looking to make a difference in their communities. But Meathead Movers still remain heavily involved in the movement to this day. Meathead Movers honors their commitment to help end domestic violence every day by offering no-cost moving services to the clients of the partnering domestic violence shelters.

The company takes their commitment to the next level by asking the community to find other businesses that share their values and offer resources to shelters to help victims and their families get ready for the next part of their lives.

Frequently, survivors of domestic violence feel alone. So, we must remind them that we care about their well-being. The abuse cycle can be nearly impossible to break. Victims sometimes feel that domestic violence is just part of their day-to-day life. Ending domestic violence must be put at the forefront in October and year-round. So let us not forget about those who cry in silence.

Act before it’s late

We all deserve to be happy and to be safe. All of us are human beings and are allowed the right to be safe. Offering clear support to survivors mentally, financially, and physically is what October is all about. Companies that provide shelters, moving trucks, mental health assistance, financial assistance, and much more are to be highlighted in this article.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call your local police station, or get in touch with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which is open 24/7 at 800-799-7233. You can also text “START” to 88788.

After a traumatic event like domestic violence, it may be hard for the victim to trust again. However, the following companies have shown they can be depended on. They are using their own money to help people in need. This is a way to show their support for ending domestic violence.

Let’s have a look at these helpful companies that go the extra mile when it matters the most.

Domestic shelters

Many people who have suffered from domestic violence sometimes have no safe haven. Relocating can be expensive and feel like a nearly impossible task for many. Victims sometimes feel that they must stay stuck in an unsafe environment because that is their only choice. But there are shelters whose main goal is to help people who have been hurt by domestic violence.

Domestic Shelters Finder is a helpful website for survivors that provides hotlines that are open and service providers. Additionally, there are ample insightful reports on cycles of abuse. And with support groups to help connect people who can relate to being in abusive environments. The Domestic Shelters Finder makes it easy to filter through so many resources to narrow it down to your specific needs.

By providing a new safe home, men, women, and children can get a new start in life. Shelters provide them with hope for a safe and bright future. And some shelters help move victims into low-income housing to aid in their difficult transitions. Creating a judgment-free zone is the goal.

Shelter House Organization

Shelter House provides many services that directly help people transition out of hectic situations into calm, stable ones. Shelter House has a preventive program that ensures the person does not have to be homeless while going through their process. And they also try to help by providing a new cellular device, which is essential these days. Especially for those survivors who are trying to escape from a dangerous environment where their phone bill may be paid by the abusive person. In short, this program gives financial assistance and helps folks gain affordable housing.

At times, survivors have to make a split decision to leave if they feel their life is in danger. Exiting quickly and quietly may have saved their lives. Hence, people who are in immediate danger can benefit from Shelters House Domestic Violence Rapid Rehousing. It is solely designed and devoted to those who are in imminent danger. This program has grown at a rapid pace and continues to do so. Hopefully, with more support, it can continue to expand and help more survivors.

Women and children may not be able to use an emergency exit in some situations, but they may still need help. Domestic Violence Bridging Affordability is a program for people who aren’t in immediate danger but still want to leave their abusive situations in hopes of entering a safer, non-toxic situation. There is also a program that helps parents and kids find temporary housing for up to a year.

Urban Resource Institute

The Urban Resource Institute, also known as URI, is currently America’s biggest shelter provider. Since it began in 1980, URI has worked hard to help people who have been hurt by domestic violence.

Their mission is to help people and families, particularly those of color. And they also show strong support for those whom many may consider disenfranchised. URI works day and night to help end cycles of violence that can be nearly impossible to break, while also helping the homeless find shelter in multiple locations. A shelter that can help an individual build trust is a shelter that can help end suffering and pain. The reliability URI has shown through the years is truly in alignment with their vision, mission, and values.

They not only talk the talk, but they also follow through on their initiatives. URI has really set the bar high, and hopefully more organizations will follow their lead. Because of companies like URI, many women and children can sleep peacefully at night. Those people who were afraid to leave and be homeless.

The Urban Resource Institute is also pet-friendly. So, you can take your dog or cat with you and not feel bad about leaving them behind. It is often heartbreaking for a person to leave their pet and never see them again. Especially for young children, who do not understand why they have to leave their dog and cannot bring him to the new house.

Transitioning from one hectic environment into the unknown is hard enough already. Yet for children, small things like having a pet may help comfort them. At first, everything was new and different, but at least with their pet by their side, they could obtain some level of familiarity.

Pledge your support and make a difference

No one deserves to suffer such pain and agony in silence. We must all be educated on this topic to recognize signs of abuse in friends, family, or neighbors. Only then can we all clearly define domestic violence and notice any red flag signs that signal the need to leave.

While it’s not widely talked about, it’s important to recognize that men are also abused, not only women and children. Many times, men do not report their abuse. Or when reported to the police, their claims are sometimes laughed at in their face.

We have to be more open and more receptive. We have got to do better.

This October, Meathead Movers call upon people and businesses to rise to the challenge and pledge their support to end domestic violence. While the company is doing everything they can through the “Move To End DV” campaign, there is still so much more to do—for all of us.

Pledge your support to “Move To End DV”.

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