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Green facility

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Recycled 90% of waste materialsWhile revitalizing our existing building, we recycled or reused over 90% of the waste material. We are planting over 280 trees and shrubs on the property, all indigenous and drought resistant. These plants will be irrigated with recycled water.

LED lights and natural lighting make for sustainable buildings

Other sustainable building features we incorporated are LED lights, using natural light wherever possible, double-paned windows, and heavy insulation—all major energy savers!

Open space is what makes San Luis Obispo so beautiful

We have dedicated over 20% of our 6.2 acres to open space, recognizing that the multitude of open space that San Luis Obispo enjoys is what makes it so beautiful.

Meathead Movers uses biodiesel trucks with speed regulators

To minimize our trucks’ impact on the earth, we use biodiesel and have installed chips that govern the speed of our trucks at the speed at which they use fuel most efficiently and cleanly. We also encourage our employees to bike to work or carpool, and have built them a special bike storage locker.

We recycle thousands of pounds of cardboard every year

When you move and store as much as we do, you use a lot of packing materials. We recycle thousands of pounds of cardboard yearly.


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