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Ventura County Star: Meathead Movers Takes Time for Seniors

December 20, 2007

Meathead Movers takes time for seniors
Ventura County Star
— From staff reports

Meathead Movers is spending its time spreading holiday cheer. As the moving teams finish their moving shifts, they are given the location of a nearby assisted living facility, where they sing to individual residents.

“After reading an article that talked about senior citizens having a hard time around this time of year, I decided I wanted to help out in some way and send them Christmas cheer,” said Aaron Steed, president/CEO of Meathead Movers.

Steed contacts assisted living facilities in the area where his movers have finished their jobs and asks if it is all right for them to stop by and sing Christmas carols.

“Our focus is really to brighten up someone’s afternoon,” Steed said. “We ask if anyone has recently lost a loved one or might be alone during the holidays, and these are the people we sing to.”

Dressed in their Meathead Movers uniforms, the movers don Santa hats and sing to the residents individually to make them feel special.

Community involvement has always been important to Steed, and he is always looking for new ways to get people involved.

“My hope is for other companies to think of ways to encourage their staff in ways that come together for the community.”

The plan is to continue caroling at various senior homes in Ventura County through the holidays.

Meathead Movers is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, with a local office in Camarillo.

It is a moving company made up of athletes working their way through college who are dedicated to high standards and good customer service.

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