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The Tribune: Moving Day Coming for Meathead Crew

February 24, 2004

The Tribune
by Leslie E. Stevens
February 24, 2004

San Luis Obispo County’s largest locally based moving company isnt’t standing still. Meathead Movers, started 5 years ago in San Luis Obispo by brother Aaron and Evan Steed while they were in high school, opened a third office in Santa Maria in November. Its future corporate headquarters a 12,000 square foot office and warehouse is also nearing construction on Hind Street in San Luis Obispo, where it plans to relocate this summer. The move to Santa Maria was prompted by rapid growth in the area, which now makes up 20 percent of the companies business, said co-owner Aaron Steed. “We anticipate eventually that the Santa Maria office will do more business than San Luis Obispo because of how much the area is growing,” he said. It will also help position the company to expand into southern Santa Barbara County, where the mover plans to open an office in 2005. But that doesn’t mean the company has any plans to abandon San Luis Obispo, Aaron Steed said. “We will always be based in San Luis Obispo because this is where we are from,” he said. The company, which built it’s reputation on friendliness and strengthof its young, buff staff, now employs 129 full and part time workers. It headquarters are currently at 3211 Broad St. in San Luis Obispo.

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