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The Business Journal: Meathead Movers Partners to Help Domestic Abuse Victims

April 24, 2015

Written by Business Journal staff

Meathead Movers has partnered with the Marjaree Mason Center (MMC) to provide moving services for victims of domestic violence in Fresno County.

Through the partnership, the moving company will provide services for MMC’s emergency and transitional clients.

“I can’t think of a more powerful and impactful way to utilize our moving services than to offer free moves to victims fleeing abusive relationships and then again when it is time to move on to the next, better, phase of life,” said Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers.

MMC provides shelter, education and support services for women and children victimized by domestic violence. Founded in 1979, the group now serves more than 5,600 women and children annually.

“The moving services that Meathead Movers is providing these women and children — both fleeing from an abusive situation and helping them move out on their own for the first time since being abused — is extremely valuable. They’re able to help MMC empower these families to live independently and free of domestic violence,” said Genelle Taylor Kumpe, MMC executive director.

Based in San Luis Obispo, Meathead Movers opened its Fresno office in February. The company’s workforce is mainly comprised of athletes from colleges and universities and supports local school athletic programs.


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