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Success: Making A Difference In Women's Lives

January 19, 2002

By Emily Fox
January 19, 2002

In a little over four years, Meathead Movers has become a successful and prominent business in the local moving industry. Starting as high school students looking to earn a little extra cash, brothers Aaron and Evan Steed began with small jobs and have since progressed into employing 60 part-time athletes and four full-time managers.

Although Meathead Movers has experienced abundant success over the past four years, the young owners felt that they needed to offer something more to the people of their community. After receiving sporadic phone calls from customers in trouble, the owners decided they needed to do something to help out.

“Occasionally, we’d get phone calls from frantic women who needed to get out of their houses right away. You can hear and feel the terror in their voices,” stated Aaron Steed.

With the support of the local Women’s Shelter, Aaron and Evan have started a free program to offer moving services to victims of domestic violence. By working with the Women’s Shelter, Meathead Movers was able to help the abused women start over and remove themselves and their children from bad situations.

Meathead Movers commiseration quickly spread to other area businesses such as College Auto Clinic, Chiropractor Karen Hale, Farrell Smyth Real Estate Company, SLO Kickboxing and TriQuest Financial. All of these businesses have made themselves available to help domestic violence victims.
By providing a simple, free-of-charge service to victims of domestic violence on the Central Coast, Meathead Movers has proven to be a success in more than one way.

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