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SLO City News: Local Company Helping with Fire Relief Efforts

November 01, 2007


Local Company Helping with Fire Relief Efforts

Meathead Movers recently gathered donations from San Luis Obispo residents to help fire victims in Southern California.

“We did this for the 2003 fire victims in San Diego as well,” says Aaron Steed, owner of the moving company based in San Luis Obispo and Camarillo, which donated 10 truckloads of supplies after that disaster. “We also helped out with 10 truckloads for Hurricane Katrina victims, and for the Tsunami in Indonesia we raised about $78,000.” Since Steed Started his business in 1997, he has also provided free moving services for men and women leaving abusive relationships. Meathead Movers is the only moving business in the county doing this kind of work, according to Steed, who, along with co-owner and brother Evan Steed, also provides free services to other nonprofits such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Alzheimer’s Association.

“I just hope we can get them what they need in the quickest amount of time,” Steed adds. “I don’t have family members in San Diego, but I know a lot of people that do. We plan on opening up an office in San Diego sometime in the near future.” A total of 10 full-sized moving trucks packed with items were sent down to fire victims over the past week. There were so many items donated that the 35-member Cal Poly wrestling team came in to assist with the loading.

“We have worked closely with [Steed]; he donates money to our program and helps us out every year,” says Cal Poly assistant wrestling coach Matt Azevedo. “He is a big supporter of wrestling, having been a wrestler in high school and junior college. He told us about this and wanted some help, so we donated our whole team.”

Azevedo’s mother-in-law, who lives in San Diego, almost had to be evacuated from her property during the fires. The wrestling team cancelled some of its practices to help with the moving of the donations last week.

“I know all this will definitely be a blessing, and it is great to be able to give after all that has taken place,” says Cal Poly wrestler Chase Pammi. “I know people in San Diego, and have already talked with them to find out if they are safe. It is really crazy down there, so any help they can get will go a long way.”

Meathead Movers has 128 employees, of which more than 100 are students. Further expansion is planned throughout Southern California and into Arizona and Nevada. The brothers—Evan is the chief operating officer and chief financial officer— are also considering starting a storage unit business.

“I think it is so wonderful when you see locals give a helping hand to people,” says San Luis Obispo resident Jeff Smith. “This company has such a great reputation in the community already for all the good it does year-round. You see in the news all the bad things that companies do, so it is good to see one getting recognized for something positive.” Smith donated several bottles of water along with blankets to the relief efforts last week.

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